Google Play Console Adds Strategic Guidance to Drive Game Revenue Growth

Author / Google Play Product Manager Phlene Gowling

Last year, consumer spending on mobile games grew 7.3% to $ billion, and it no signs of slowing down. In this competitive and growing market, monetizing your audience effectively is more important than ever. But how do you know if your monetization strategy is effective enough without the help of a monetization strategy consultant?

So we've further expanded the suite of tools in the Play Console to help you solve this problem. Last year, we added the user stickiness and monetization metrics to the Statistic page to help you grow your business, and now we're excited to release , a brand new strategy guide tool to help you successfully gain Lee .

In the new tool, our indicator-driven guide will help you better monetize your game by:

  • Provides context for your primary revenue : See how your game revenue metrics contribute to your overall business goals, and understand when to prioritize improving which metric.
  • Discover Opportunities : Helps you identify opportunities to improve a data performance by benchmarking against a group of competitors, and provides you with country-by-country insights.
  • Recommends Next Steps : Helps you understand how to capitalize on profit opportunities with concrete actions you can take right away.

△ The indicator hierarchy of the strategy guide (you can read indicator introduction article or visit the Play Academy for monitoring KPI and other specific courses)

Over the past few years, we've been refining our guide and testing the dashboard with selected partners. The Strategy Guide has received positive user feedback, and we hope it helps you too.

"So useful! These types of insights are exactly what we're looking for from Google because it really helps us scale our business."

— Gameloft Product Manager

Understand the key factors and relationships that drive profitability with the help of metric hierarchies

You can find guidance in Financial reports in the Play Console. Working with experts in mobile gaming growth, we've included key monetization metrics (including new ones) and shown how they relate to each other to help you easily assess performance and compare to the competition. You can view all metrics at Help Center .

The Metric Hierarchy is a tool that helps you and your team understand how lower-level, directly intervenable game data metrics (such as buyer conversion rate) ultimately impact overall key business metrics. Using competitor comparisons and country-based segmentation with , you can quickly identify the most significant business growth opportunities: which markets are you underperforming, and where you are leading .

metrics analysis to turn insights into action

Choose a metric and explore in detail to track your performance over time. The Strategy Guide shows you a breakdown of your chosen metrics by location, helping you identify opportunities to grow your game's user base globally. Detailed metric analysis can also help you identify where small investments can pay off big.

△ 战略指南指标推荐示例: 每日回访买家占比

△ Strategy guide indicator recommended example: The proportion of daily returning buyers

Whether you're developing a casual game or a role-playing game (RPG), metrics-based recommendations are designed to provide deep, relevant insights for developers of various games, helping you to diversify promotions and improve your games mechanism, or test new pricing based on market purchasing power.

the IAP monetization guide now, stay tuned for more insights

As more and more developers are shifting their focus from pure ad monetization business models to in-app purchases (IAPs), we have developed a dedicated strategy guide for developers who use IAP monetization as part of their overall strategy. We're excited to provide growth advice and opportunities for more of these game developers with this launch. Stay tuned for more releases to help you successfully drive revenue growth this year.

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Android 最新开发技术更新,包括 Kotlin、Android Studio、Jetpack 和 Android 最新系统技术特性分享。...

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