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The peak season of recruitment of gold, silver and silver is coming quietly. Enterprises are eager to recruit efficiently and quickly match high-quality developers. The majority of programmers are also "waiting for opportunities" to seek new opportunities for better career development.

How does help developers obtain enterprise information more efficiently?

Avoid the "hardest hit areas", what other "treasure companies" are worth paying attention to?

As a bridge for communication between technology companies and developers, in order to solve the problem that companies and developers cannot quickly "understand" each other, SegmentFault officially launched the largest online event of the year: "Treasure Company Internal Promotion Season".

This event is divided into two phases, the first phase carefully selected five treasure-level companies, a total of hundreds of programmers HC, the salary is as high as 500,000 / year , the benefits are even more numerous: "remote office" ", "flexible work", "public money travel", "paid cats", "full payment of five insurances and one housing fund", "supplementary commercial insurance + children's supplementary medical care" ......

You see, although they are not the so-called "big factories, BAT", they do have the opportunity and courage to compete with big factories. Are you excited about a treasure company that is so suitable for developers "Sa Huan'er"? ~

This event will be broadcast live online at 2:00 pm on March 26. Interested friends must join the advanced group. The group will share job information, broadcast reminders, resume delivery guidance and other information to help you get a more comprehensive understanding of each company and match you to your favorite jobs more quickly~

People in the workplace always look for new opportunities. Students who have no job-hunting plans are welcome to join the group to watch and see how Treasure Company recruits outstanding talents.

Join the group for more information

Treasure Company Revealed


StreamNative is a open source basic software company , formed by the founding team of Apache Pulsar, a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation, to build the next generation cloud-native batch-stream fusion data platform around Pulsar.

As an Apache Pulsar commercialization company, focuses on the open source ecosystem and community building and is committed to the field of cutting-edge technologies. The founding team members have worked in well-known such as Yahoo, Twitter, , and EMC. In October 2021, StreamNative announced the completion of a $ $23 million Series A funding round .

StreamNative's open positions include Platform Engineer and Cloud Product Engineer, with salary ranging from 25k to 50k.

In addition to this, in StreamNative you will also get:

  • Exciting projects, fast-growing company, open and collaborative environment, competitive compensation and benefits, flexible working hours, and a group of the best teammates on the planet.
  • Open source culture, advocating asynchronous communication, highly self-motivated, following OKR result orientation, no 996, no involution, transparent and open culture.
  • We are a remote work team, our employees come from different time zones and cities, no matter where you are on the planet, as long as you have an internet connection, you can join StreamNative.

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Founded in 2015, is a leading enterprise-level R&D management solution provider .

In 2021, ONES has completed 3 consecutive rounds of financing totaling nearly US$100 million, making it the company with the largest cumulative financing amount and the fastest historical financing speed in the domestic R&D management field.

With professional products and services, ONES has successfully helped many top 500 including , Inspur Software, Kweichow Moutai, SAIC, and China Merchants Fund to achieve efficient R&D.

The open positions of ONES include Go back-end engineer and web front-end engineer, with salary ranging from 20k to 40k.

Three sentences will take you to understand ONES:

  • ONES leads the domestic R&D management track, join us now, you will grow rapidly with , and serve global enterprises the power of software;
  • We believe in the strength of the team and respect each individuality. Here you can knowledge and , and can also become a teacher for others. , communication and support can make us run faster;
  • We encourage openness and innovation. engineers can not only write code , but also participate in product design, lead projects, play guitar, play basketball, play cats...

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Beijing Taosi Data Technology Co., Ltd. (TAOS Data) aims at the growing Internet of Things data market, focusing on the storage, query, analysis and calculation of time-series space big data, without relying on any open source or third-party software, has developed independent intellectual property rights, 100% self-controllable high-performance, distributed, SQL-supported time series database TDengine .

Taosi's core product TDengine has accumulated 17.9k Star on GitHub, and currently ranks Top 1 in the domestic time series database field, and Top 5 in the international CNCF database field.

In terms of financing, the company has received nearly of investment of , 70 million US dollars from investors such as Matrix Partners China, Sequoia Capital, GGV GGV Capital, Mingshi Capital, Manzi Fund, Yonghui Ruijin, etc., which is favored by the capital market. .

The open positions of Taosi Data include senior R&D engineer of stream computing and senior R&D engineer of database kernel, with an annual salary of 50W+.

Why come to Taosi Data?

  • & Company Culture : Taosi Data Team is straightforward, sincere, dedicated, detail-oriented, self-driven and goal-oriented.
  • Development Prospects & Industry Status : It has ranked first in the GitHub global trend list for many times, and the number of TDengine instances running globally exceeds 106k, with users all over the world.
  • Welfare treatment & office environment : Beyond the salary of the first-tier manufacturers, full payment of five insurances and one housing fund +...

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Tributary Technology

API7.ai is an open source basic software company that provides API processing and analysis. provides API gateway, Kubernetes Ingress Controller and service mesh products based on Apache APISIX.

Committed to managing and visualizing key business flows such as APIs and microservices for global enterprises, accelerating enterprise business decisions and driving digital transformation through big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Apache APISIX is a top-level project donated to the Apache Software Foundation by API7.ai in 2019. There are already hundreds of enterprise users around the world using Apache APISIX to process core business traffic , including NASA, Swisscom, and EU Digital Factory , Weibo, Tencent, China Mobile, Naixue's Tea, WPS, iQiyi, Station B and other well-known domestic and foreign companies.

The open positions of Tributary Technology include SRE engineer and server development engineer, with salary ranging from 15k to 45k.

In addition, you will also get a lot of benefits in Tributary Technology:

  • Fund categories: fitness fund, physical examination fund, study fund, examination fund
  • Boxing categories: statutory holidays, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts
  • Holidays: 6 days of paid annual leave per year, and 1 day of paid leave per month

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Vig table

Founded in 2019, is a technology company by technology as the core, a fast-growing and highly creative team. With the mission of "enabling one billion people to acquire technological capabilities", we focus on the zero-code application building platform tools and ecological construction based on databases.

In the early days of its establishment, has successively obtained four rounds of financing of million yuan from first-tier investment institutions such as IDG, Hillhouse, Wuyuan, Tiantu, and Jingya. At present, it has served more than 9,000 enterprises at home and abroad and tens of thousands of people. organization in mind.

As a brand-new visual relational database, vika has always been product-driven growth. has been online for 14 months. provides digital services for 10000+ enterprises , covering e-commerce, education, technology, top 500, and state-owned enterprises. , government units, etc.

The open positions of Vig Table include senior front-end engineer and senior back-end engineer, with salary ranging from 15k to 40k.

In addition, you will also get a lot of benefits in the Vig table:

  • Metaverse Office——No office, the pioneer of domestic remote office
  • Highly competitive salary: 16 salary, +X year-end bonus, stock options
  • The original travel class system, flexible work without punching in, course reimbursement...

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