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It snowed in Beijing two days ago and it was very cold. The 2022 recruitment season seems to be previous years.

In 2021, there will be a large number of layoffs in K12. Tencent, Kuaishou, Byte, Didi, and Mogujie are also laying off staff.

  • should students who want to change jobs prepare?
  • What is the interview process like?
  • How to deal with the interview? How can improve the success rate?

If you are concerned about the above issues, and your target location is not beyond the scope of my ability (senior engineer, Ali P6, byte 2-1) . I will give you some advice based on my experience

Interview process

  1. review, prepare
  2. Submit your resume
  3. one side
  4. two sides
  5. Three sides
  6. HR face
  7. grading, salary negotiation
  8. Set entry time, receive offer

How to prepare for an interview?

Preliminary preparation

self introduction

The first part of each interview is " Please introduce ", so this question must be prepared in advance.

How to prepare? What is the point of the personal introduction?

Let's take a look at from the perspective of the interviewer What does the interviewer want to know?

  1. Name

    • If there are rare characters in your name, or polyphonic characters are wrongly called, it is still embarrassing
    • Make sure you match the resume in the interviewer's hand. I have encountered an abnormal situation, the candidate is interviewing for the java development position
  2. Work situation, project overview, technology stack. Although the general interviewer will read the resume in advance, but sometimes the resume does not show everything well, so needs a brief introduction to tell the interviewer

    • For example, the previous company does audio and video, the previous company does ERP, the previous company does IM, online collaboration, collaborative office, project management, and cloud service providers. If you say you live from YY live Tiaohuya live, it is more than YY live Tiaojinshan Office. If the company matches, the success rate is higher, and the business scenario is better understood. For example, Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.
    • For example, do mobile activities, do toB service platforms, and do e-commerce. You have a higher success rate in the mobile terminal position before, for example, e-commerce and jumping fast hand e-commerce , which is better than today's headline jumping fast hand e-commerce.
    • For example using JQuery, Vue, React, React, threejs. You wrote React and Vue in your resume, but you are better at Vue. interviewer cannot see from your resume how you master the two technologies16237255f0299c
  3. Good at what? What are the advantages?

    • For example, you are good at doing mobile projects, good at using Vue, and good at communicating with other departments
    • For example, if you have done Node development for one year, you can develop independently and carry out technical research and development tasks independently.
    • For example, you are good at optimizing projects
    • Even saying that you have experience working as an assistant project manager is to your advantage.
    • Community influence, github has open source projects, Sifu, Nuggets, CSDN have content output
Personal introduction case

Next, we can write a suitable self-introduction to the interviewer

  1. Hello, my name is xxx. The project I did in my last company was related to XXX.
    Has been engaged in web work, mastered the front-end technology has xxx.
    In the last company, I gained not only the technical aspects, but also the business ability, self-learning ability and the communication ability of colleagues, which I have learned and I think are very important.
    My personality is neither extroverted nor introverted. I get along with friends and colleagues, and I am more extroverted. At work, when developing code, I am more introverted, and I like to devote myself to my work. I also like to make friends, and occasionally get together with friends to chat. I always work with a serious and responsible attitude, a sense of responsibility, and a hard-working attitude. Thank you, this is my self-introduction.
  2. Good afternoon, interviewer. My name is XX. I am applying for a front-end engineer position in your company today. I have been engaged in front-end development for more than two years, and have X years of experience in XXX development. In my last company, I was mainly engaged in the development of H5 pages, background management systems, and hybrid apps. I usually like to visit some technical communities to enrich my technology, such as Sifu, Nuggets, etc., and record my work summary and learning experience.
    My personality is relatively mild. I like to devote myself wholeheartedly to code development at work, and I always take a serious and responsible attitude towards my work. Interviewer, the above is my introduction, thank you.
  3. Hello interviewer; my name is XX, I graduated from XXXX in 2016 with a bachelor's degree; after graduation, I worked in Hefei Weining, a medical software company, technically doing front-end, back-end, database, and project deployment. It belongs to full-stack development. I came to Shanghai in 2018. Since joining JD.com, I have been working on the background and interface development of offline shopping malls; the old project is still mvc , and the new project has separated the front and back ends. The front end uses H5, the applet JQuery , EasyUI , VUE , Angular , and the back end. used .Net Framwork 4.5,4.6 , NetCore , Java , the database used SQLService , Mysql , MongoDB , Redis , middleware used RabbitMQ message queue, is the central role in the company's development, responsible for the maintenance and old secondary development project, and compared to other development , My advantage is that I have strong communication skills, as well as my sense of responsibility and learning ability. If I am fortunate enough to join XXXX, I believe that I can quickly integrate into the team and quickly master the company's related technologies; thank you for your leadership.
  4. Hello interviewer. My name is XXXX.
    The main technology stack is Vue Family Bucket, jQuery , Native, Node , CSS ability is also good, common layout, pseudo-class, transition animation will be.
    The previous company is engaged in audio and video pan-entertainment and social networking. Competitive products such as: National K-song, Sing Bar, YY, Kuaishou, Douyin and so on.
    I mainly do mobile activities, annual celebrations, small video activity templates, advertising spaces in the live broadcast room, etc. I also do some on the PC side, such as the PC IM system. Because of the company's user group characteristics, it has a lot of experience with devices compatible with lower versions.
    Usually, I often do Q&A in the Sifu community, write articles and notes, etc., I have a keen sense of bug investigation, and I am good at communicating and understanding problems.

Knowledge reserve

Knowledge reserve is a must for our interview success. It is mainly divided into two parts: moat, extension . The main thing here is to rely on the accumulation in ordinary times. During the interview, the memory is strengthened for the high-frequency and unintelligible ones.

Next, let's take the front-end interview as an example.

front moat

What is a moat? It's not going to fuck up the front end! no way to roll it like this, so here we can only roll some eight-legged text .

But I recommend from easy to difficult , high frequency to low frequency .

  1. HTML, CSS, JS basics

    • What does flex: 0 1 auto mean?
    • What are the pseudo-element selectors in css
    • What are the HTML5 semantic tags?
    • Closure programming questions
    • Handwritten Promise implementation
    • Handwritten requestCache implementation
    • Synchronous and asynchronous, micro-task and macro-task
    • deep copy
  2. Vue, React common basic framework

    • Lifecycle hook function
    • How to get the original DOM
    • How to get virtual DOM
    • What is the principle? How to achieve?
    • Understanding of diff
    • How to implement two-way data binding? compatibility?
    • State management, component communication
    • route jump
  3. ElementUI, antd basic framework with UI library

    • component development
    • Source code understanding
    • Ability Familiarity
  4. Browser Basics

    • Browser caching principle
    • local storage
    • Basic abilities (upload, download)

Here, is generally not limited to the front-end , nor does it require full mastery, but generally has some good points .

  1. Packaging and construction, front-end development tools (webpack, babel, gulp, vite, eslint)

    • webpack upgrade.
    • eslint、stylelint。
    • git hook。(husky)
  2. Project optimization

    • Packing speed optimization
    • Loading speed optimization
    • Product volume optimization
  3. Cross-terminal, cross-platform, cross-technology, cross-language

    • Node
    • Python
    • nginx
  4. git、svn。

    • How to roll back code
  5. The internet

    • https, http, http2, three handshakes, four waves, how to ensure security
    • websocket
    • response response status code
    • Strong cache, weak cache

Algorithm exercise

There is nothing to say about algorithm practice, simple and must be learned, and some medium is also required. It is difficult to see personal ability to master common data structures. Generally, it is recommended to buckle, Niu Ke.

The learning path is to first understand the data structure, and then do targeted questions.

  1. linked list, array, string

    • Find if there is a ring? Where is the entry point?
    • Fast and slow pointer, double pointer
  2. Tree

    • Preorder traversal, inorder traversal, postorder traversal
    • Balanced Binary Tree
  3. stack, queue
  4. dynamic programming
  5. picture

Project review

Projects are generally there to see what you've done and what's great, not to hear you say a bunch of useless things.

This is a question with no standard answer, and it is also a question that can be prepared in advance.

During the interview, I prepared three contents, and made a detailed response plan for the specific implementation method.

  1. PC IM message list optimization, including long list optimization, sorting algorithm bug and optimization thinking, multi-message type support, message method mechanism, sending box implementation, etc.

    • What algorithm does chrome's sort use? What algorithm is used in lower versions of chrome. What is the principle.
    • What algorithm did you use? Binary search + insertion sort. Optimized from xxms to xxms.
  2. M live room advertising space design, including sorting rules, dynamic loading rules, dynamic online and offline rules, etc.
  3. Project loading speed optimization

FAQ Preparation

Generally speaking, there will be some high-frequency problems, we can prepare in advance. Of course, depends on what your technology stack is. , you can do a special review for your technology stack.

  1. career planning
  2. Why choose front end
  3. Personal introduction, project introduction
  4. promise
  5. Browser strong cache, negotiation cache
  6. Closure
  7. Vue data two-way binding principle
  8. Fibonacci sequence
  9. Micro tasks, macro tasks

Prepare for the interview

If our resume, knowledge reserve, and frequently asked questions are all ready , then we can start to fight .

Delivery post

does not recommend . It is recommended that you choose second-tier, first-tier, and big factories. puts your favorite company in the second or third week .

  1. Develop a sense of the subject. (I didn’t answer a simple question during the interview. It was super embarrassing. That question was a question I knew ten years ago, but I couldn’t remember it when I was interviewing for the first time. I was confused.)
  2. Develop self-confidence, adjust your attitude, and say goodbye to tension. If you already have a guaranteed offer in hand during the interview, then your whole person's spirit will be different. And be bolder when it comes to asking prices. (I rejected Jinshan during the interview because of the low salary)
  3. From easy to difficult, from low to high, gradually improve. In fact, sometimes small companies are quite cool (10 people in the front end), too few are not recommended.

You can choose the job delivery that suits you. It’s not that everyone in Kuaishou is making apps. There will also be a service platform for institutions, a service platform for e-commerce, and an internal infrastructure center, etc. . Choosing a position that suits you is much better than throwing

Interview questions (targeted search)

This is a joke. For example, if you are facing Ali, you can find some specific Ali, and it is best to bring the post department ( There will be surprises )

According to several companies I've spoken to, there are real questions online.

If you often mix with the community, you can even ask the seniors who have met

post interview preparation

The end of the interview does not mean the end, but only when the offer is received.

Interview review

Therefore, we can't relax, we can record all the questions after the interview, and then see if our grasp of that question is not comprehensive enough.

  1. Record all interview questions. Online search for information to check whether the answer is unclear, lack of weight and shortness
  2. Record the screen. Do a more complete review, including tone rhythm, spoken language, facial expressions, reaction speed, etc.

    • For myself, I improvise as much as I am prepared. For the same piece of information, when I was not prepared to speak it, there would be a lot more oral language . Even when I was , I would notice this problem, but I couldn’t solve it, and I couldn’t restrain it. There was too little time for me to adjust. So I can only do a lot of preparation.
  3. If there is a question that you can't understand, you must check it, and then remember . Because there may be similar questions on the next side. The interviewer will also look at your self-learning ability in this way.

    • For example, when you met with the first company, you were asked about your authority. Then you should focus on, for example, button permissions, asynchronous permissions, and how to interact with the server. This problem on the other hand even said that other companies will encounter again.

real questions

The above mentioned the importance of review and also said that the real questions need to be sorted out. The main thing here is , you need to pay attention to the classification, and you need to see the content after the question .

Sometimes the interview question is just an application scenario of the test center , so we need to see the knowledge behind it, not just mix up the questions the interviewer asks you.

Generally speaking questions will meet the department scenario , and it is impossible for the PC department to ask you the principle of mobile terminal adaptation.

  • css

    • "Byte commercialization" weight calculation.

      • .a .b{color: #f00;} .b[data-role="1"]{color: #0f0}
    • "Ali" selector
    • "Kaishou Search" "Tencent Open Platform" css unit
  • The internet

    • cache
    • https、http、http2

What are the most common pitfalls in interviews


It's where I'm good at. Hahaha, I've seen hundreds of resumes, and I'm basically not wrong.

  1. is a fake resume (working hours, cost of experience), generally for interns, fresh graduates, and training class resumes are more common.

    • Proficient in using Vue + react, in fact, generally speaking, for the maintenance cost of learning cost , normal companies will unify the technology stack
    • Proficient in using Node xxxx, there are not many full stack engineers at present, it may be only half a bucket of water
    • The project experience does not belong to the same company. For example, a project is medical treatment, and a project is oil. project spans a large span of . In general, we consider whether there is experience accumulation and a fine project with continuous iteration is what we want to see.
    • The project experience is more watery at a glance, or open source projects, like . For example, NetEase Cloud, Ele.me, Vue1 began to imitate Ele.me, and Vue3 also imitated.

      Picture from Boiling Point: https://juejin.cn/pin/7072864609316634655
  2. Resumes with misspelled words, resumes with abnormal layout, similar resumes, abnormal resumes

    • Some resumes will have some typos, especially typos like Reat. Do not have a typo , it will appear inattentive. And CV should have every word written with heart .
    • Abnormal academic qualifications, outsourcing. I do not discriminate against outsourcing, but in terms of task distribution and stability within the team, it is indeed not ideal and needs to be paid more attention.
    • Similar resumes appeared in the same school and graduation season, and the resumes of the two people were exactly the same in the morning and afternoon. resume is not the thesis machine check , whether it is the login authority system of ERP or the login authority system of the background management system, it is the same resume, if you change the name, it will be called a different resume.
  3. Abnormal common function, is not a common function for those with work experience . It is not a common function, it must be a common development function

    • For example, login registration, permissions, menu , login is generally a ready-made function, it will not be your turn to develop.
  4. Not every company thinks your "toy" is interesting.

    • For example, if you say that you have written IM-related functions, if you are interviewing for an IM-related department, you will most likely dig deeper into this function.
    • If you write performance optimization, it will give you an approximate scenario to test you to see if you have any motivation to do optimization.

Interview preparation (interview questions, algorithm weighting questions)

It is recommended that you prepare basic knowledge questions first, then common questions, and finally algorithm questions. Be sure to remember from easy to .

If it is not a senior, expert position, the algorithm can be temporarily abandoned.

  • I did not answer the simple algorithm during the interview, but it did not affect my interview results. Successfully passed the interview and got the offer.
  • I have a friend who hasn't mastered the basic questions yet, and is practicing the algorithm crazily. Up to now, it is still unclear whether judges whether there is a ring and finds the ring point . (Almost ten years of work experience, and he is still a mid-level engineer) He thought that if the algorithm was good, he would be able to change to a large company, but algorithm problems are generally examined later in the comparison.


  1. Ask about salary. Generally speaking, the first few sides are just colleagues at the same level and should not know your salary. have no right to decide
  2. "Attack" the interviewer. Whether the interview is passed or not is a sentence of the interviewer on the spot. Few companies have assessment and review methods. Therefore, it is not recommended to attack the interviewer and calm down ( If you don’t care about this opportunity and feel that it is disgusting to work with such an interviewer, then you will be stunned. It doesn’t matter hahahahaha ).

    • I met a person who ran away halfway through the meeting, and told HR that I was unprofessional. But it didn't affect me.
  3. "Bribe" the interviewer. Although it is said that the interviewer can help you in the current interview, there will be other assessments later (the road is slippery in the dark and the people are complicated). So it's better to rely on your own real strength.
  4. Delay time. An interview takes 20 to 60 minutes, and there will be problems such as meeting room reservation (HR does not help with meeting room reservation, and there is a time limit), construction period squeeze (interview is a sudden time, and is not counted in the normal construction period). Therefore, it is not recommended to delay time on a single issue, which will lead to the inability to conduct a comprehensive investigation and be directly judged negative.
  5. Don't dare to ask the interviewer. Interviewers are generally kind, and some interviewers are better at guiding you to answer questions. Even if there is no guidance, it is a good thing to give you a direction. The interviewer is more experienced. If it is a separate technical consultation, it is obviously profitable.

What questions do interviewers usually ask?

One Side (Basics)

One side is generally colleagues at the same level and leaders at the same level (slash leaders), which are the main development and have sufficient business experience. Focus on basic knowledge

  1. Project inspection (2)

    1. Tell us about your most recent project
    2. Tell us about what you did in this project? What's so great about it?
    3. How did you approach project optimization? How did you design this permission? How did you achieve this? What is your design idea?
    4. What are you responsible for in the project? Is there anything particularly satisfying about it?
    5. What is your team composition like? What does the development process look like? Is there any room for optimization?
    6. The most impressive thing
  2. Basics and the like (6 ±)

    1. js, css, html basic questions. (2)

      • css style precedence, weight calculation, selectors, flex layout, and more
      • js scene types, array methods, closures, and more
      • HTML semantic tags, other capabilities?
    2. js advanced development (2)

      • Promise, await, async, asynchronous synchronization, micro task macro task
      • Inheritance, class, ES6+
      • TS
      • webpack、gulp、babel
      • Framework knowledge Vue, React
      • requestCache, automatic retry, exception reporting
    3. Extended Knowledge (1)

      • http2、http1.1、https
      • nginx
      • node
      • echarts, threejs, ui, etc.
  3. Algorithms (1)

    • Generally, there are questions of elementary and intermediate difficulty. Linked lists, trees, and stack queues are more common, and there seem to be fewer pictures.
    • Investigate time complexity and space complexity
    • will give you some ideas
    • It will make you think about whether there is room for optimization, and if there is, it will be gradually optimized
  4. Abnormal points of resume (education, frequent job changes)
  5. normal chat

    1. Why are you leaving?
    2. Why choose our company?
    3. Why learn front end?
    4. Where do you live?
    5. What are your hobbies?
    6. How to learn front-end?
    7. Going to the community?
    8. What do you think about our company?
    9. How do you feel about your interview today?

Second side (item)

The second side is usually a different group of colleagues. Generally speaking, it is a cross-group cross-interview. Of course, it may not be the front end. The second side is generally more on the project

  1. Project investigation (same side, but there may be different entry points)
  2. Advanced applications (same side, but generally related to actual business)
  3. Algorithms (same side)
  4. Normal chat (same side)

It can be seen here that if one side is over, the other side is basically stable.

Because the level of the first and second sides is similar, it is possible that the interviewer is not the same technology (java), and the promotion is not a technology (product)

Three sides

The three sides are generally direct leaders (team leaders of 50 to 100 people), which may be the front-end or other ends. It can only be said that it must be a technical person.

  1. Project inspection (the same side, different entry points, will go deeper and even expand the conversion)
  2. Algorithm (same side, but there may be no need to write, just test ideas)
  3. expand knowledge

    1. How the project is coordinated
    2. How branches are managed
    3. How to manage task progress
    4. What is the online process
    5. What is the publishing process
  4. Department introduction
  5. Normal chat (same side)

Generally speaking, a senior engineer has only three sides. The person on the three side is the one who decides whether you can get hired. The interviewer on the three sides is usually the direct leader of the interviewer on the first side.

HR interview

  1. Normal chat (same side)

    1. career planning
    2. Why choose us
    3. What were you responsible for at the original company?
    4. Why leave
  2. Salary expectations

    1. your current salary
    2. your expected salary

What questions to ask the interviewer?

one side

One interviewer is usually your colleague, the main developer, and the real worker. So in this one-sided session, you can ask more about what you care about

  1. Who is the interviewer? Whether it is your colleague.
  2. working condition
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Team atmosphere, team size
  5. Technical direction
  6. How are you doing
  7. If you don't have a good answer, see if you can give me some direction.

two sides

Due to the cross-interview of the second interviewer, there is not much information available.

  1. Who is the interviewer? Is it your coworker, or is it a cross?
  2. How are you doing
  3. Ask the interviewer about the team atmosphere
  4. If you don't have a good answer, see if you can give me some direction.

Three sides

The three-face interviewer is your immediate leader and can manage a lot of things. You can ask some other things.

  1. Whether the promotion mechanism and training mechanism are perfect
  2. Team atmosphere
  3. business
  4. team planning
  5. If you don’t understand something, you can also ask, it’s a chance to communicate.
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