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Then I continued to talk about the interview experience in the previous article. Through the interview experience of the first two days, and constantly summarizing and improving my knowledge reserve, I systematically prepared the front-end interview knowledge points. It is no longer a problem to deal with the general interview. Now that you have the ability to "anti-customer-oriented", start the third day of a pleasant interview right away.

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According to the interview habits of the previous two days, the rhythm of offline interviews in the morning and offline interviews in the afternoon is still to plan the offline interview line the night before, and note the interview time, so that the interview time can be dynamically adjusted according to the interview time. Let's choose the time to get up in the morning. If you can take the subway, you will not choose the bus, in order to ensure the punctuality of the appointment interview (this is also an interview skill, which can be highlighted). Then start a new day of interviews.

According to the route planning and interview time, I was not late for the interview this morning, and I arrived at the interview site a few minutes earlier, but it was a waste of time to find the address of this company. After arriving at the interview location on time, I went to the meeting directly. Interview, a company owner and a front-end developer, it seems that the company is not big, it is a "diaosi company" (the meaning of the word "diaosi company" here: the company is very small, with high requirements and poor treatment), the first is to be an interviewer for front-end development I asked some basic front-end knowledge points, and then asked about 8 or so, and then answered her questions perfectly. The boss saw that she was not difficult for me, so he asked the interviewer to leave first, and then the boss told me The "prick" operation, first asked about my previous treatment, then talked about my educational background, and finally talked about the projects I did. In short, it was all kinds of belittling operations. Later, I made a strong rebuttal, and he should know it himself. After I changed my attitude, I ended the interview. Although it was no big deal, I wasted my good mood of the day early in the morning, and wasted my time and energy. Finally, when I left, I told myself that this company would give me another chance. I won't come for the high treatment, I have already blocked them in my heart, and this is also the foreshadowing of my next article in the interview week.

After finishing the interview at this diaosi company, I hurried home non-stop, preparing to go back for a lunch break, and prepare for the offline interview in the afternoon. On the way back, I made an appointment for two offline interviews, one of which was from a foreign-funded company. In the interview, I need to do an English self-introduction and an English interview; there is also a phone call for a remote interview. The interviewer asked me about 10 questions. I answered it so perfectly that the interviewer had nothing to say. I’m not talking big words here. For example, if the interviewer asks me a question, I will answer him by inferences, making him impeccable, so he passed the first interview smoothly.

The offline interview in the afternoon was not too far from where I lived, just like a 40-minute subway ride, and I heard that this place is very powerful. It was all foreign consulates. I saw a lot of foreigners drinking and chatting on the roadside along the way.

Arrive at the interview location 10 minutes in advance. After registration, the lady at the front desk arranged for me a written test question and found me a meeting room to do the question. There are five questions in the interview question, and the full score is 100. After reading it, I think it is not difficult, but it is a little difficult to write all the questions correctly without the help of the Internet, so I only did two questions, and left the others. I went to hand in the papers. Before handing in the papers, I did not forget to take pictures of the questions. As a result, the buddy next door who also came for the interview saw him. He thought I was on Baidu and gave me a malicious look. I glared him back, I I feel that I can't lose the momentum, I didn't cheat, I was just so tough. The interview questions are as follows:

After the written test, the interviewer asked questions. The interviewer was very good and young. He asked me about 20 knowledge points. The questions were not difficult but they were very detailed and in-depth, but I answered them with ease and no problems. But after the interview, I was asked to go back and wait for the notice, and there was no more text. Maybe it was because they thought I only had to do two questions in the written test. I think that when you encounter written questions or computer-based practical questions during an interview, you are insulting people, because this kind of question can't investigate much at all, but it can block many interviewers, and maybe everyone is more in the interview. Resist this time-limited interview operation (it is recommended that the interviewee encounter similar written test questions or computer-based practical questions in the future interviews, if you can do it, if you can’t do it, don’t do it decisively, and don’t go to the questions you don’t know. Baidu, be tough, it's a big deal that you don't participate in the interview of this company, for the sake of dignity, this is also the precautions for the interview).

After the offline interview in the afternoon, I went home and met another foreign-funded company on the subway. This company does not need an English self-introduction and English interview, but it requires the interviewee to have rich experience and a written test. Question, I have stayed in a US-funded company before, and I know what foreigners are investigating, so I agreed to an offline interview, but I didn’t go to it later. I bought a foreshadowing here, and I will mention it at the end.

After returning home, I received three more phone interviews. The interviewer answered almost the same questions. There is no perfect score and 90 points. So today's interview went very smoothly. It has laid a solid mentality foundation for myself in the subsequent interviews, and gave myself more confidence, which is very comfortable and enjoyable. Finally, summarize the interview knowledge points of the day and share:



I still finished the third day of the interview under a super busy rhythm. With the continuous interview feedback, I have already received 2 offers, and three more interviews have entered the re-examination stage. Finally, sum up the day: Although I was abused, I am very grateful; although my level is limited, I have found a direction for improvement. Welcome to pay attention to the three shopkeepers' WeChat public account " Program Ape by Three Shopkeepers " for communication. Due to the interview experience in the previous two days, and constantly summarizing the interview experience and high-frequency interview questions, I can describe the third day of my interview as being smooth and fluent in answers. . However, if things go too smoothly, you will encounter some unpleasant things. Interviews are also two-way. Not only can the company choose the applicant, but the applicant can also choose the company based on the customer, which leads to the strange encounter of the interview week series. Share Let’s take a look at some strange companies and strange interviewers that I have encountered, so as to avoid pitfalls, and I will share them in detail in the next article.

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