The father of the GNU project: Apple turned the Mac into a "prison" | Ubuntu is not a free GNU/Linux distribution is not recommended


On April 13, Richard Stallman, the father of the GNU project and the founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), talked about the current situation of open source software in the industry in his keynote speech on "The State of the Free Software Movement", and focused on "bashing" Apple and Apple. Ubuntu.

Stallman said: Apple is continuing to turn the Mac into a "jail" -- preventing users from doing what they want on their devices, such as installing their own programs or obtaining binaries from others. Stallman also advises against using Ubuntu because "Ubuntu is not a free GNU/Linux distribution".

Stallman: Propose to stop using Ubuntu

Stallman said the free software movement should not morally exclude anyone. "All the tech companies these days want to lock people up and bring people to their knees," even if people's lives do get easier, but that takes the computer away from its original purpose.

Stallman also commented on the recent high-profile logo redesign of Ubuntu (the Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution developed and sold by Canonical): "Ubuntu is of course a non-free distribution, and it is not recommended for anyone to use it. ".

Stallman said some important packages are now only distributed through Ubuntu's non-free package system, not as Debian packages. So, it's more difficult than getting any free package from an Ubuntu installation.

According to Stallman, the father of the GNU project, Ubuntu is a "proprietary and bundled operating system" (like Windows or MacOS), so it's not a free GNU/Linux distribution.

Apple's Mac is becoming a 'prison'

Referring to the recent introduction of new Apple hardware devices, Stallman said, "The Mac is becoming a 'jail', and it is increasingly difficult for users to install their own programs to run the device", "Of course, selling a computer does not allow users to install themselves from source code. Software for computers should be illegal".

As a user, the computer should not prevent you from installing binaries obtained from others, even at your own risk. "But tying people to chairs so they can't do anything to hurt themselves makes things worse, not better."

"There are other systems out there where people can find ways to trust without relying on the strength of a large company," Stallman added, arguing that a shortage of older equipment could be a problem in some cases. It's a shame for the industry that companies that dismantle old machine mounts don't always consider all the details before doing so.

In addition, Stallman touched on some topics about free and non-free video games. Stallman believes that there is nothing wrong with playing a game unless the game is paid, so players are advised to move to a completely free game.

Stallman also believes that free software can solve the problem of planned obsolescence and waste -- just what free software is needed to help people keep using the same device for longer.

Strong advocate of free software

Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS) is a figure who has had a major influence on the software world, especially free software, and is known many times for his controversial rhetoric and positions.

A staunch advocate of free software, Stallman had a particular fight with Apple over a patent settlement incident.

All the while, Stallman has been critical of Apple and its co-founder Steve Jobs, accusing them of creating "a closed computing ecosystem where users are locked up in jail" -- no one has the right Forbid people to do what they want with the machines they buy.

Despite the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, Stallman's "crusade" about Apple has not stopped: "People should stop praising Jobs and Apple for the elegant 'prison' style designed by putting users in Prison is wrong".

(This article only quotes Richard Stallman's views on open source software, and does not mean that this site supports all positions related to Richard Stallman's personal past.)

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