"Linux Network Development Required Course" 0_Course Orientation: Goals and Arrangements

The first question before the class: Why learn network programming?
  • Practical essential skills: After learning C language, I want to do some projects to practice my hands, can I?
  • Career Essential Skills: Job Skills for Recruiting
  • Necessary skills of the times

    • Almost all operating systems support networking capabilities
    • Almost all apps require an internet connection to work
    • Internet Time → Mobile Internet Era → Internet of Things Era
    • A typical implementation plan of artificial intelligence: cloud-edge collaborative reasoning
    • ...
Curriculum Planning


Course study route


Course Orientation
  • Socket network programming under Linux

    • Q: Is it just network programming under Linux?
    • A: It will also be tested under Window
  • Master basic network programming patterns

    • Q: Do I need to master network principles to learn network programming?
    • A: No, there will be no special explanation in the course
Course objectives
  • Using Linux system as the main platform, master socket network programming from 0

    • Master the nature of network protocols and the nature of sockets
    • Master the basic model of network programming, such as: C/S
    • Master TCP and UDP network programming
    • Network programming practice on different platforms
    • ...
class schedule
  • Socket interface and TCP and UDP programming (data sending and receiving)
  • Communication Protocol Design and Implementation
  • Case Development: Temperature and Humidity Detection Based on Hardware Platform
  • Case Development: HTTP Server Design and Implementation
Preliminary planning of Linux series courses
  • Linux Network Programming (Basic & Advanced)
  • Linux file programming (C interface programming & system interface programming)
  • Linux Multitasking Programming (Multiprocessing & Multithreading)
  • Linux Interprocess Communication
  • ...

A new chapter has begun, are you ready?

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C语言进阶;2. 进入C++的世界;3. 数据结构编写高质量代码;4. C++11/14 新增语法及标准库讲解;5. C++1...


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