WeBASE (WeBank Blockchain Application Software Extension) is a set of general components built between blockchain applications and the bottom layer of FISCO BCOS. Each module is designed around transactions, contracts, key management, data, and visual management, shielding the blockchain The complexity of the underlying layer greatly reduces the research and development threshold and accelerates the development efficiency of blockchain applications.

For the latest v3.0 released by FISCO BCOS (partners who have not yet known FISCO BCOS v3.0, click here for details), the WeBASE team cooperated with the FISCO BCOS open source community to carry out adaptation work and develop the WeBASE lab version so that developers can efficiently Deploy and manage FISCO BCOS v3.0. At present, WeBASE lab has made progress in stages, and is now officially released to the community. Welcome to star and experience it actively.

In a word, WeBASE lab provides on-chain data overview, contract IDE, transaction management, private key management and other operation and maintenance management functions that match FISCO BCOS v3.0 , and provides the latest rapid deployment tools. We expect that through WeBASE lab, users can deploy FISCO BCOS v3.0 with one click, manage smart contracts in the visual web console, and initiate transactions and chain interactions.

It should be noted that the main function of WeBASE lab is to facilitate users to operate and maintain FISCO BCOS v3.0. The existing 1.x version of WeBASE (applicable to FISCO BCOS 2.x version) will continue to be updated and iterated. Permanent maintenance. When using WeBASE, you can view the currently used version information in any of the following ways to better complete the deployment work:

  • View the version information output when deploying WeBASE
  • Check out the release_note in the WeBASE source code
  • View the release_note in the installation package

Next, let's take a look at the function introduction of WeBASE lab!

Adapt to the new features of FISCO BCOS v3.0

Focusing on the new features in FISCO BCOS v3.0, the function points that WeBASE lab currently completes adaptation are listed as follows:

  • The PBFT View is no longer displayed in the node list, and whether the node is normal is judged by the node's Timeout status and whether the block is timed out;
  • When setting the consensus node in the node list, increase the node weight value setting;
  • Update the CRUD Table contract in the WeBASE contract warehouse to the KVTable contract;
  • The WeBASE-Front node front-end service can connect multiple nodes within the organization. In FISCO BCOS v3.0 "Pro Edition", it adapts to the mode of multiple RPC nodes, and no longer restricts deployment on the same machine or only connects to a single node;

The contract IDE supports struct input parameters; struct will be converted to Tuple[], that is, the Tuple array type, when the contract is compiled. When entering struct input parameters, we need to enclose the parameters with square brackets []. For example, in the HelloWorld contract below, the input parameter of the set method is a custom struct type Item. When the input parameter data of Item is a=1,b="test", the parameter value entered in the WeBASE contract IDE Expected to be [1,"test"] with an extra square bracket surrounding the argument.

Note: struct input parameters need to use 0.6.10 solidity in the contract IDE. When obtaining data of struct type, the return value should return the content of the struct instead of directly returning the struct itself, as shown in the get method below.

 pragma solidity ^0.6.10;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
struct Item {
  uint256 a;  // 整型
  string b;  // 字符串
contract HelloWorld {
    Item item;
    function set(Item memory i) public {
        item = i;
    function get() public view returns (uint256 a, string memory b) {
        return (item.a, item.b);

A chain that supports one-click deployment of FISCO BCOS v3.0 "Light Air Edition"

In the WeBASE lab one-click deployment configuration file common.properties, after filling in the configuration of WeBASE and FISCO BCOS, enter a line of python command to complete the chain of FISCO BCOS v3.0 "Light Air Edition" and the deployment of WeBASE lab with one click .

Note: This update belongs to WeBASE lab-rc1 version in WeBASE lab, which is compatible with FISCO BCOS v3.0.0-rc1 version, so the version number filled in one-click deployment is as follows:

The latest version of the WeBASE subsystem (lab or above)



Fisco-bcos version(v3.0.0 or above)


After the deployment is complete, the detailed version number of WeBASE will be output. For the service status check and usage method after deployment, please refer to the WeBASE online documentation provided at the end of this article.

Currently, one-click deployment can only deploy FISCO BCOS v3.0 "Light Air Edition" chain nodes. In this version, a chain has only a single group. If you need to use a chain with multiple groups, you need to use FISCO BCOS v3.0 "Pro Edition".

Support multi-group chain management

In FISCO BCOS v3.0 "Pro Edition", a single chain node contains multiple microservices, such as RPC service, Gateway service and node service. On this basis, the chain of "Pro Edition" can contain multiple groups, and multiple groups can be national secret or non-national secret, and it is no longer restricted that multiple groups of a single chain must be of the same encryption type.

Therefore, under the chain of "Pro Edition", when WeBASE lab switches groups, it can automatically switch to the encryption type of national secret or non-national secret according to the chain type, so as to support the corresponding contract compilation, contract analysis and other functions.

In addition, when we need to manage the chain of the "Pro Edition" in WeBASE lab, we can use the WeBASE enterprise-level deployment method to install WeBASE sub-services one by one, and connect the chain nodes in front of WeBASE-Front nodes. Add the node front to the WeBASE console, and then manage the chain of the "Pro version".

WeBASE lab accesses the RPC service in the chain node microservice through the node front-end service. The node front-end service no longer restricts the deployment of the same machine, and no longer requires only a single node to be connected. Instead, it is recommended to connect to multiple RPC nodes of the same organization, which can easily and accurately obtain the data of the chain nodes.

In subsequent updates, WeBASE lab will continue to support more functions of FISCO BCOS v3.0. Community users are welcome to submit requirements or feedback suggestions to WeBASE to optimize the functional experience of WeBASE lab together.

Immediate use

The latest code and technical documents involved in the above optimizations and functions have been updated synchronously and are located in the [lab] branch of the WeBASE code repository.

This update belongs to the WeBASE lab-rc1 version in WeBASE lab, which is compatible with the FISCO BCOS v3.0.0-rc1 version. Welcome to experience and star support.

If you need to consult technical questions, please reply to [Little Assistant] in this public account dialog box and enter the technical exchange group.

WeBASE code repository:
WeBASE code warehouse domestic mirror:
WeBASE technical documentation:
WeBASE technical documentation domestic mirror:

To experience WeBASE for the first time, you can refer to the one-click deployment document:

Report problems to us, welcome to submit issues:

For more dry goods, please pay attention to the FISCO BCOS open source community public account, visit the FISCO BCOS code repository to download all the source code of the project: https://github.com/FISCO-BCOS/FISCO-BCOS , please click the star collection in the upper right corner of the page , to get the latest version.

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