EMQX 5.0 Released: An Open Source IoT Message Server Supporting 100 Million MQTT Connections in a Single Cluster


Recently, EMQ, the world's leading open source IoT data infrastructure software provider, announced that its core product, the open source distributed IoT MQTT message server EMQX 5.0 , was officially released!

EMQX GitHub: https://github.com/emqx/emqx

5.0 is one of the most important versions of EMQX since its release, developed by European, Chinese and global communities and teams. It is the largest MQTT Broker that supports MQTT concurrent connections in history, and is also the world's first MQTT Broker that implements MQTT over QUIC. It has also been greatly optimized and upgraded in terms of reliability of message transmission and ease of use of product experience, which also marks EMQX once again solidified its position as a leader in IoT messaging platforms.

Li Feng, founder and CEO of EMQ, said: "EMQX 5.0 is a milestone achievement in the field of MQTT. It is not only the world's first distributed MQTT message server supporting 100 million connections in a single cluster, but also the first to introduce QUIC into MQTT. EMQ always pays attention to cutting-edge technology trends, maintains world-leading technological competitiveness through accelerating product iterative development, and works with our global customers and partners to cope with the ever-increasing deployment scale of IoT devices and the increasingly important Internet of Vehicles, etc. Great challenges posed by key business scenarios.”

EMQX 5.0: Born for the Era of 100 Million IoT Connections

With the in-depth integration of 5G and IoT technologies in all walks of life, global IoT applications and devices are facing explosive growth, and will truly usher in a new era of billion-level interconnection of everything. The IoT market is expected to grow by 18% to 14.4 billion active connections by 2022, according to the latest "State of IoT Spring 2022" research report from IoT Analytics. Under such a large-scale IoT demand, massive device access and device management have brought huge challenges to network bandwidth, communication protocols, and platform service architecture.

Since EMQX released the open source version on GitHub in 2013, it has been widely recognized by more than 20,000 enterprise users from more than 50 countries and regions, and has connected more than 100 million key IoT devices.

As an open source cloud-native distributed MQTT message server with over 20 million downloads worldwide, EMQX has been iteratively upgraded over 200 versions over the years. Networking projects and applications provide efficient, reliable and secure IoT data infrastructure solutions; at the same time explore IoT cloud-side collaboration with EMQ's product portfolio such as open source industrial protocol gateway software Neuron , lightweight MQTT message server NanoMQ , and streaming database HStreamDB Application scenarios, to create a one-stop management of cloud-side-end IoT massive data access, storage, real-time processing and analysis.

The world's most scalable MQTT message server - a list of major innovative features of EMQX 5.0

Facing the rapidly developing IoT industry and growing user scale, EMQX continues to devote itself to building a reliable and secure data infrastructure for "future-oriented IoT applications". The newly released EMQX 5.0 will have the following major upgrade iterations:

Significantly improved scalability and reliability, the first to achieve 100 million MQTT connections in a single cluster

EMQX 5.0's horizontal scalability and message delivery reliability have been exponentially improved by adopting the new Mria extension of Erlang's Mnesia database and RocksDB-based session persistence to be provided in the upcoming 5.1 release. The latest performance tests show that EMQX 5.0 can easily support 100 million MQTT connections for a single cluster - a 10-fold increase over the previous version, making EMQX 5.0 the most scalable MQTT Broker in the world today, capable of easily hosting hyperscale IoT applications.

The world's first message server to implement MQTT over QUIC

EMQX 5.0 is also the first MQTT Broker to introduce QUIC support. QUIC is the underlying transport protocol of the next-generation Internet protocol HTTP/3. Compared with the TCP protocol, it improves overall throughput and mobile connection stability while reducing connection overhead and message delay. Based on the advantages of QUIC, which are extremely suitable for IoT message transmission scenarios, EMQX 5.0 has designed a unique message transmission mechanism and management method, and continues to provide the industry, community and customers with the most advanced and competitive MQTT messages through continuous technological innovation. server.

Security assurance continues to increase

EMQX ensures data security based on MQTT over TLS/SSL and QUIC, and supports the integration scheme of transmission encryption and authentication based on the national secret algorithm. Provides multiple authentication functions such as username/password, LDAP, JWT, PSK and X.509 certificates. Provides ACL mechanism and dynamic ACL rule update capability, which can flexibly implement publish/subscribe permission control of IoT devices. In EMQX 5.0, various security capabilities have been significantly enhanced, and users can enable client connection authentication and permission control for the entire cluster in the Dashboard, with a more flexible and easy-to-use operating experience.

More powerful data integration to realize unified processing of "north-south" data flow

EMQX 5.0 uses a unified interface to manage north-south data flow. Users can combine more powerful rule engine and data bridging functions to realize data processing and integration. Compared with the previous version, EMQX 5.0 has richer data processing capabilities and can process southbound messages from the cloud to the device through rules.

At the same time, EMQX provides visual viewing capabilities (Flows) for data integration. Through the Dashboard page, users can clearly see how IoT data is processed through rules and how data flows to external data services or devices.

In subsequent versions, we will support drag-and-drop arrangement of rules and data bridging on the Dashboard, and easily connect IoT hardware data streams together through a visual interface.

More feature updates

  • New minimal configuration, greatly improved ease of use: The new Dashboard menu bar provides a clearer function aggregation for users of different roles. At the same time, it uses a concise and easy-to-read HOCON format configuration file and a REST API document that conforms to the OpenAPI 3.0 specification. Developers bring a better user experience;
  • The new gateway architecture makes it easier to expand the protocol: in addition to the complete support for the MQTT 3.1, 3.1.1, and 5.0 protocols, it also provides independent management interfaces and security for other mainstream IoT protocols such as CoAP/LwM2M, STOMP, and MQTT-SN. certification capacity;
  • Greatly improved operability and observability: Dashboard provides detailed monitoring indicators for up to 7 days, and can integrate Prometheus with Grafana, Datadog/StatsD and other indicator monitoring and alarm systems with one click. Provide more diagnostic tools such as slow subscription and online tracking to help users quickly troubleshoot problems in the production environment, and provide more friendly structured logs and JSON format log support;
  • More flexible expansion and customization: a new plug-in architecture is introduced, and users can compile, distribute, and install their own expansion plug-ins in the form of independent plug-in packages to customize and expand EMQX;

Embracing the future-oriented fully connected era with EMQX as the core

Today, when the scale of the global Internet of Things has surged, what is needed is an IoT data infrastructure that can support larger-scale single IoT applications, product scalability, and in-depth adaptation of cloud underlying capabilities. The technological breakthroughs of EMQX 5.0 in terms of cluster scalability and product stability will provide more efficient and reliable connection of massive devices and high-performance real-time processing of message and event stream data for key IoT businesses. The new version improves product operability, observability, and ease of use, which can help enterprises solve the management and training costs, network security and other problems faced in the process of IoT business development.

As the IoT business is launched in more industries, it is difficult to achieve more and more scenarios and diverse needs with a single technology and product. EMQ takes EMQX as the core, combined with its complete product matrix from edge to cloud, it can realize the unified connection, movement, processing and analysis of real-time data, which will give the whole industry the ability to explore and transform the value of IoT data, and build a future world. Solid innovative digital base.

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EMQ(杭州映云科技有限公司)是一家开源物联网数据基础设施软件供应商,交付全球领先的开源 MQTT 消息服...

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