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"Success does not come in the future, but from the moment you decide to do it, it continues to accumulate." As a technical person, technical learning is endless. By continuing to learn and supplement increments, you will open up a new horizon and keep yourself at the pinnacle of technology!

The Alibaba Cloud Developer Community Collection Pavilion brings together the best of Alibaba engineers, more than 300 e-books, and nearly 8,000 technical documents. Since its launch, it has been downloaded nearly 2 million times and read nearly 10 million times. Click to go directly!

Today, we have also sorted out the 10 most popular e-books for technicians in the first half of 2022, from theory to actual combat, so that you can learn technology and make good use of it! There are even books on resume writing to maximize your workplace power!

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1. "Microservice Governance Technology White Paper"
Introduction: With the development of microservice technology, more and more companies begin to use the microservice architecture to develop business applications. While enjoying the technical dividends brought by the microservice architecture, they will also encounter some difficulties. The "Microservice Governance Technology White Paper" focuses on sharing how to use the governance capabilities to efficiently build a complete microservice governance system, improve development efficiency and online stability, and escort the rapid and stable development of the business.

2, "4 days of actual combat to easily play docker"
Introduction: "Fun with Docker in 4 Days" is jointly produced by the developer community and Marco Education, revealing the past and present of docker, allowing you to easily understand the actual use of docker, common commands and precautions, and the actual combat summary is in one step!
"Fun with docker in 4 days of actual combat" mainly from the principle of docker and its status and role in operation and maintenance work, the evolution theory of operation and maintenance work, the relationship between docker, microservices, k8s, the relationship between devops and docker, the past and present of docker, etc. Everyone has a new understanding of docker. Finally, through the actual work case implementation, let everyone easily learn docker!

3. "Low-code Engine Technology White Paper"
Introduction: The low-code engine is a low-code designer development framework provided for low-code platform developers with powerful customization and extension capabilities. The "White Paper on Low-Code Engine Technology" provides a comprehensive introduction to the technology of the low-code engine from three aspects: application, basic protocol and principle, and focuses on the rendering, feeding, The core technical principles such as orchestration and code generation are introduced, and the ecological design of the low-code engine is introduced. Students who have demands for low-code product development come to learn quickly~

4. "Visual Architecture Operation and Maintenance Practice"
Introduction: As cloud computing is becoming more and more infrastructure-oriented, there are some challenges that large, medium and small customers usually encounter when using the cloud. Alibaba Cloud provides a large number of cloud services. Configuring cloud services into customers' application architecture requires certain It is not convenient to open, operate, and manage resources from the perspective of application architecture. "Visual Architecture Operation and Maintenance Practice" is not based on Alibaba Cloud Air Architect Cloud Speedy CADT. Cloud applications provide visual self-service cloud architecture management, which significantly reduces the difficulty and time cost of application cloud management.

5. "Application Multi-Active Technology White Paper"
Introduction: For a long time, multi-active disaster recovery is a set of technical architecture and solutions, rather than a standardized product technology. With the emergence of more successful cases in the industry and strong market demand, more and more enterprises and cloud vendors have participated, and some commercial services and open source technologies have emerged as standard.
The release of the "Application Multi-Active Technology White Paper" aims to help enterprises solve the first step in the implementation of multi-active disaster recovery. I hope that by applying the multi-active technology, it can help your system stability to a higher level!

6. "2021 Technologist's Treasures Black Book"
Introduction: "2021 Technician's Baibao Black Book" is a collection of the essence of Alibaba's Taobao technology in 2021, covering large front-end, audio and video, recommendation system, client-side architecture, server-side architecture, and technical quality , as well as 3D&AI&AR and other technical fields, precipitated technical solutions for multiple businesses such as double 11 promotion, Taobao live broadcast, leisure APP, etc., and there are must-see technology & industry reports, open source projects, top conference papers in 2021 Wait for the output of multi-level knowledge and value. The learning and growth experience of the bigwigs in all industries is here, why don't you click here to see~

7. "Interpretation and implementation of two major issues of bank digital transformation from the perspective of architecture"
Introduction: In December 2021 and January 2022, two heavyweight guidance documents on the digital transformation of banks - the People's Bank of China's "Fintech Development Plan (2022-2025)" and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission's "On Banking and Insurance Industry" The "Guiding Opinions on Digital Transformation" has been issued successively, which is the best guidance for the layout of the opening year of 2022 for all types of banks actively preparing for digital transformation. And "Interpretation and Implementation of Two Blockbusters of Bank Digital Transformation from the Perspective of Architecture" is the guidance and interpretation of these two documents, and bankers should not miss it~

8. "2021 Cloud Architecture and Operation and Maintenance Summit Lecture Collection"
Introduction: "2021 Cloud Architecture and Operation and Maintenance Summit Lecture Collection" shares the cloud era architecture and R&D operation and maintenance trends through Alibaba Cloud technology experts, and shares the evolution and operation of cloud architecture with outstanding enterprises such as Anymen, Dasouche, and Maintenance best practices and roundtable forums, senior technical practitioners jointly explore the development prospects of the industry and other aspects to analyze and discuss, and precipitate the technical dry goods in the 2021 Cloud Architecture and Operation and Maintenance Summit for readers.

9. "Write a Resume with the Interviewer's Thinking"
Introduction: During the golden three silver four job hunting season, after paying attention to the urgent needs of college students and developers who have job search needs for resume writing skills, the Alibaba Cloud developer community jointly burnt the youth happiness group to launch the "Five Lessons from Ali Experts". Teach you to make a professional resume"——Spring Recruitment Job Search Special Training Camp" and "Writing a Resume with the Thinking of an Interviewer" have selected and precipitated the dry goods content of the four courses, hoping to help readers in their job search!

10. "Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Customer Service Knowledge Operation White Paper"
Introduction: The "Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Customer Service Knowledge Operation White Paper" was written under the unified arrangement of the Alibaba Cloud intelligent customer service team, coordinating multiple roles including algorithm engineers, development engineers, product designers, AIT artificial intelligence trainers, etc. The theoretical basis and practical experience are combined to form the industry's first intelligent customer service knowledge operation white paper. The white paper takes Alibaba Cloud's intelligent customer service system as the application target, and describes and explains the three major links of knowledge definition, knowledge application, and knowledge sorting methods in intelligent customer service, hoping to provide a guiding methodology for the application of knowledge in the field of intelligent customer service.

There must be continuous effort every day in order to continue to improve in life. I believe that students who read these books will gain a lot and grow into what you want!

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