After a few months, I received my learning experience: Deriving Dubbo's core insider through actual combat scenarios

1. Learning experience

The following is a thank you letter from a current graduate who sent me, and after asking for permission, I put it on my blog:

Our epidemic has been going round and round for almost a month. I hope you will get better soon. You are the Shanghai of the people of the world. We are optimistic about you. Come on Shanghai, you are the best~

However, when I think that I have to continue looking for a job after the epidemic has improved and the lockdown has been lifted, I can't help but feel sour. I was originally a front-end and liked to write a business logic code. It is a bit uncomfortable to draw various drawings on the current front-end UI pages.
Want to turn the back end to try and challenge myself. Not long after I resigned in early March, Shanghai began to toss this nonsensical epidemic.
It's really uncomfortable, I'm still squatting in the nest waiting for the unblocking, it's too hard for me.

Even during the lockdown period, I found that it was really quiet to be alone. I could calm down and study all kinds of Java back-end technical knowledge and make full preparations for my career change. I don’t know if other people are playing mobile phones during the epidemic. video,
Still chasing drama and all kinds of troubles, since I have decided, I will stick to my original intention and follow my heart,
Adhere to 14 hours a day to learn the basics of Java, most of the time watching video tutorials online,
However, the video tutorial is too long, and the knowledge points are also messy, so it is impossible to quickly absorb and master these knowledge points all at once.
After insisting on it for a while, I found that I can understand the English letters of Java, but when it comes to writing,
Very limited, I didn't fully understand what I needed to do at first,
Second, there is no real understanding of why some java properties are used in this way.
The third is that there is no such tutorial that analyzes how to write code through phenomenon analysis.

After a few days of helplessness, distress and depression, I accidentally swiped a technical article about the dubbo framework on Toutiao and Zhihu. I just clicked in and looked at it, but I don’t know why, an originally inconspicuous article,
Some of the little things in it taught me something I would never have paid attention to,
For example, some of the case scenarios that are usually encountered are really too ordinary and too ordinary.
Why is this author able to write a feeling that makes me suddenly realize;
For example, when some actual combat case scenarios are transformed into a technical appeal,
Why is this author so lifelike that I can feel that I am doing the detailed process of this derivation,
Inspired by the author's thinking; for example, when there is a solution and how to implement it,
Why can this author find some existing functions step by step directly from the source code from some inconspicuous key words,
It directly saves a lot of labor development costs. I think this kind of thinking is really very practical in the enterprise.
Because of course, the more stable, accurate and faster the enterprise is when it comes to functions, and you are still slowly writing the function realization,
The speed is too slow, there are many more, etc. With my current technical level, some I may not be able to describe clearly in words,
After reading it, I have a feeling, that is the feeling of "if you don't say it, it will be broken", which can't be described.

Later, I followed the link at the bottom of this post to find a book about "Derive Dubbo Core Insider Through Actual Combat Scenarios", which is not expensive. I spent about four or five days to study this book carefully, Really solve my current confusion,
At the end of the study, there is a feeling of the supremacy of thinking. If you learn anything else, you can learn from the author's derivation thinking process.
Then slowly master the routine of the new framework.

And at the end of the reading, there is a feeling of expansion. I really want to put the knowledge I have learned into practice.
Confidence in finding a job after the lockdown is lifted. And when I finished reading this book,
I just found out that there is also a full set of video gifts worth 1299 yuan.
Originally, when I didn't come into contact with the book "Derive Dubbo Core Insider Through Actual Combat Scenarios",
I'm already a little helpless to dislike videos, but after reading this book, when I look at the full set of video tutorials that the author gave away for free,
After watching at 2 times the speed, firstly, the knowledge learned is consolidated, and secondly, the mood is different.
It's just a slap in the face, the feeling is clear, it's the kind of feeling that can't be described in words.

Later, I asked the author for my current state, when I mainly focus on what aspects of learning,
The author also knows everything and says everything, and gave some of his treasures, and then I'm going to spend another two weeks,
Focus on breaking through the solid foundation of knowledge, and make full preparations for the first interview after the epidemic is lifted.

Finally, I am very grateful to the author of the book "Derive Dubbo Core Insider Through Actual Combat Scenarios", for clarifying my doubts,
Let me have some basic knowledge of front-end, and I am more full of information about my career change. Still have to advertise for the author,
I wish the author's books more and more popular, sincere thanks and blessings.

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