Alibaba Cloud Certification & Future Network Academy ACE Open Class - 30 minutes to master the ACE exam clearance strategy

Introduction: The new version of ACE clearance strategy, these 4 points of experience will help you get high scores! If you join the group, you will receive a full set of ACP online classes + information package worth 3,000 yuan! Open class nail group: 44832770.

The new version of ACE clearance strategy, these 4 points of experience will help you get high scores

Alibaba Cloud Cloud Computing Architect ACE certification can definitely be regarded as the ceiling in skill certification. This reconstruction and upgrade has raised the ceiling to a higher level. How to prepare for such an ACE certification exam? Are there any success stories? Where is the value of the certificate? If you have the same doubts, at 19:30 on August 24th, we solemnly invite Xiong Tao, an ACE lecturer from the Future Network College, to share with you the latest ACE preparation experience. Please continue to scroll down for the specific registration method~ You will receive a full set of ACP worth 3,000 yuan when you join the group. Online class + information package!

1. The reform process of Alibaba Cloud ACE certification

  • April 1: Alibaba Cloud officially announced that Alibaba Cloud ACE will add new experiments and interviews;
  • June: Alibaba Cloud officially invited lecturers from partner companies, including Future Network Academy, to start the first round of offline training;
  • August 1: Two teachers , Zhou Hongli and Xiong Tao , from the Future Network Academy successfully passed the ACE written test and experimental part (as of now, a total of 4 people in the world have passed the first two rounds of the test);

2. Introduction of the lecturer - Xiong Tao

1. Areas of expertise

  • Familiar with the principles and technologies of intelligent network and enterprise unified communication
  • Familiar with open source projects in the cloud computing field such as OpenStack, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • Good at using Alibaba Cloud products for solution architecture design

2. Project experience

  • China Telecom Intelligent Network Transformation Project
  • Thailand AIS mCentrex project
  • China Mobile unified Centrex bidding project
  • Smart classroom construction project of Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College
  • Content Construction of Jingchu Science and Technology Computer Experiment Platform
  • Artificial Intelligence Course of Nanjing University of Technology
  • Weihai Vocational and Technical College Cloud Network Special Course Delivery

3. Teaching ability

  • Network Automation Operation and Maintenance Series Courses
  • Cloud computing open source courses such as OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Alibaba Cloud ACE Certification Series Courses


4. Teaching experience

  • 16 years of experience in IT industry development and education;
  • More than 80 school-enterprise training sessions have been delivered, with more than 1,600 students;
  • Passed the new version of ACE theory and experimental part of the test, interview appointment;

3. About us

  • Future Network Academy is the online education platform of Nanjing Yousu Network Technology Co., Ltd.;
  • Nanjing Yousu Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in scientific and technological innovation in Nanjing;
  • Nanjing Yousu Network Technology Co., Ltd. is an official authorized strategic partner of Alibaba Cloud;


  • Nanjing Yousu Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the governing unit of Alibaba Cloud Officially Authorized Alliance;


  • Future Network Academy is an online education platform under Nanjing Yousu Network Technology Co., Ltd. Focus on technical learning services in the field of network innovation technology, providing theoretical and practical training in the fields of future network, 5G, cloud computing, network security, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, industrial Internet and other fields;

4. Live Preview

√ New understanding of Alibaba Cloud ACE

√ Where is the difficulty in the new version of ACE

√ 4 points of experience to help you pass the ACE experiment: passing the exam is the last word

Five, group benefits

  • Send ACP certification course + information package worth 3,000 yuan
  • Send teacher Xiong Tao 1V1 ACE exam guidance

6. How to register

  • Registration period: now - August 24
  • Live broadcast time: 19:30 on August 24
  • Download [DingTalk] Search DingTalk Group Number: 44832770
  • Download [DingTalk] Scan the code to enter the live group


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