Countdown to the demise of independent blogs and document websites


Early last year, I wrote an open source project electron-egg , I needed to build a documentation site, and then started tossing around.

After a series of complicated operations, I found that the market of independent blogs and document websites is slowly changing...

those detours


Originally intended to use wordpress, a well-known personal site program used by 40 million websites worldwide;

Since there are so many people using it, I will try it too; a ferocious operation :

  1. buy domain name
  2. buy server
  3. Build php, mysql database, nginx, git
  4. Install WordPress
  5. ......

The day goes by and the night falls into contemplation...

I just want to set up a documentation site......


The next day, I found hexo, and I can do documentation and blogging, which is very good.

  1. hexo-installation, configuration
  2. hexo - themes, layouts, templates
  3. hexo - deploy, git, publish
  4. hexo - tags, articles, layouts
  5. ......

Another day passed, another night lost in thought...  

I just want to set up a documentation site......


On the third day, I found that I didn't need to buy a domain name and server, and there were a lot of people using it.

  1. vuepress-install, add menu, directory
  2. vuepress - add search, link, redirect
  3. vuepress-add comment plugin, https, webmaster tools
  4. vuepress - add blah blah
  5. ......

Another day passed, and the night continued to fall into contemplation. . . .

I just want to set up a documentation site......

Notion or Whisper

Later, I experienced notion and Yuque. Because of network reasons, I finally chose Yuque.

Just take it as a note.

More than a year has passed, and I found that the experience of using Yuque has exceeded my expectations, mainly in the following points

  1. Provide web support
  2. Write and use, publish automatically
  3. public or private
  4. Text, image, video, code
  5. Statistics, Comments, Follows, Favorites, etc.
  6. All kinds of functions are available

The effect is as shown in the figure

35w+ reading volume

For more than a year, the electron-egg project has been iterated continuously, and it has finally achieved small achievements:

gitee 1900+ stars

github 450+ stars

The documentation has been read 35w times and I have more energy to maintain the framework.

If I used WordPress or vuepress, how much time would I spend on updating the documentation?

Build your own site or host your site or use a digital management tool

Now notion has 2000w users, and Yuque is also growing rapidly. Improving efficiency has always been the core requirement of users. How many people are willing to spend a lot of energy to maintain and manage their personal sites?

personal opinion

Independent blogs and document websites will enter the stock market; although there will be growth, more and more users will be invested in the embrace of a new generation of digital work management tools .

I believe that many people have experienced the toss of building a website or a site hosting platform alone ; however, what is their input-output ratio? How long will you continue to maintain that site?


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