ACM 数字图书馆免费开放,所有期刊、论文 6 月 30 日前均可免费下载!


ACM 在 3 月 20 日发出公告,为了尽他们所能帮助科研工作者度过这次新冠疫情,ACM 数字图书馆开放了所有会议、期刊文章的访问权限,目前已经不需要特定的大学校园 IP 或者登陆任何账户,直接访问即可下载所有 ACM 的文章。在接下来的 3 个月时间一直到 6 月 30 日ACM出版的作品都可以免费下载。

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ACM 公告原文如下

Open Access to ACM Digital Library During Coronavirus Pandemic

March 30, 2020

Dear ACM Members:

As the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic continues, we at ACM would like to do what we can to help support the computing community. Many computing researchers and practitioners are now working remotely. In addition, teaching and learning have also moved online as more and more campuses close.

We believe that ACM can help support research, discovery and learning during this time of crisis by opening theACM Digital Libraryto all. For the next three months, there will be no fees assessed for accessing or downloading work published by ACM. We hope this will help researchers, practitioners and students maintain access to our publications as well as increasing visibility and awareness of ACM’s journals, proceedings and magazines. Please be sure to inform your colleagues that the ACM DL is now open, and will continue that way through June 30, 2020.

This global health crisis is a unique challenge that has impacted many ACM members. We would like to express our concern and support for all who are affected by this outbreak.

Stay well!

Cherri Pancake
ACM President

ACM Digital Library(美国计算机协会数字图书馆)简介

ACM(Association for Computing Machinery) 创立于 1947年, 是全球历史最悠久和最大的计算机教育、科研机构。ACM致力于发展信息技术教育、科研和应用,出版最具权威和前瞻性的文献,如专业期刊、会议录和新闻快报,并于 1999年开始提供在线数据库服务-ACM Digital Library。

在过去的几年里,ACM 全文数据库增加了 1950 年代至今的所有出版物的全文内容,以及 Special Interest Group的相关出版物,包括快报和会议录。同时 ACM还整合了第三方出版社的内容,全面集成了“在线计算机文献指南”(The Guide to Computing Literature)这个书目文摘数据库。它集合了 ACM和其他 7,000多家出版社的出版物,旨在为专业和非专业人士提供了解计算机和信息技术领域资源的窗口。ACM 期刊主要覆盖计算机科学与软件工程、计算机科学与信息系统、计算机科学与硬件结构以及计算机科学与理论方法四大学科。


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