ABAP Webdynpro和WebClient UI不同的会话管理机制

in the sample ABAP webdynpro component ZPOST, the content of search result table is bound to context node POSTRESULT of component controller:

The runtime instance of component controller will change each time when we navigate to detail page and back to search page, see testing below.
The first time ZPOST is launched:

Navigate back to search page, the WDDOINIT is called the second time:

The third time:

This means UI developers should develop their own logic to store the search result data before navigation to detail page (store it somewhere) , and restore it from somewhere when UI is navigated back to search page.

Below is one example of data store and restore via assistant class:

(1) store the search result when search button is clicked and search result is available:

(2) When inbound plug of MAIN window is called, which means the search view will be rendered again, fetch the stored data from assistant class and bind it to component controller context node again.

While in Webclient UI component,

There is central, consistent and efficient way to store the data for navigation:


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