Give you a chance to experience an interviewer, learn from reverse thinking how to improve the soft power of the interview



Looking at the whole network, everyone has posted a lot of interview guides, interview techniques, and interview eight-legged essays, but almost no one posted an article from the perspective of the interviewer.

Today, I will post an article about recruitment to give you an experience of interviewers~

(The theme of this article is "standardize the recruitment process to improve recruitment efficiency", but for the audience it is "from the interviewer's perspective to improve the soft power of the interview through reverse thinking")

Let's first look at recent recruitment data:

From the end of the Chinese New Year to the end of April, about 2 months, the interview candidates had 128 people, an average of 2 people per day, and finally only 5 people were recruited, which is really hard to find.

The beginning of the year happened to be a busy period of business. Interviewers are generally supervisors and the core of the team. The business they have is inherently heavy and they also need to take into account the interview.

Therefore, in the interview process, candidates must learn to focus on the main points, and long-form remarks can easily leave the interviewer with a bad impression of "a waste of time".

Okay, then we formally enter the role of interviewer. We describe the interview process specifications from five parts and discover how to improve recruitment efficiency from the details.

(Please enter the role of the interviewer)

1. Why do we need to recruit people?

  • There are many reasons why recruiting. Resignation, project needs, talents with special skills, training, etc. will all generate demand for recruitment.
  • If it is a person leaving, they often hope to recruit an equivalent or better candidate
  • If it is a project need, it is usually more urgent, so reduce the requirement to recruit suitable candidates.
  • If it is to recruit talents with special skills, it is relatively difficult to find such talents, and it will be a relatively long cycle.
  • If the purpose of recruitment is to cultivate, it is mainly to recruit interns. The benefits of internships are also many. For example, they can promote the activity of the company, can be considered for long-term talent training, and can reduce the cost of manpower (always will There are a lot of basic work), enhance the company’s influence, etc.
  • Develop different recruitment plans according to different situations, clarify the target population of recruitment, and be more targeted, so that the goals and results can be reached faster

2. Where should I find a good resume?

  • Choose a platform. For technical R&D positions, the generally available platforms include BOSS direct recruitment, pulse, recruitment advertisements when digging blonde articles, and push cooperation of major public accounts (such as front-end morning reading classes). These platforms In the middle of the BOSS, direct employment is relatively the lowest threshold, the easiest to get a resume, of course, you can also go inward if you have the conditions.
  • Let’s take a look at what period the current talent market is in, whether it is the peak recruitment period of the Golden Three Silver Four Clubs, or the peak period of school recruitment in spring and autumn.
  • During the peak period, there are many talents, but there are more companies that hire people. If our company's treatment is more competitive than other companies, then let go and recruit, otherwise, first think about our company's advantages, such as: Our company's geographical location advantage, life welfare advantage, no overtime, active technical atmosphere, more girls...
  • Then grab a few resumes to see how the overall resume quality in the current market is. The quality of resumes fluctuates. It is good for a period of time and bad for a period of time. This should be observed more, and you can grab a few hundred in a good period of time.

3. How to attract job applicants to submit resumes?

Proactively harvesting resumes is one way, but it requires a lot of time for browsing and screening. What if there is not so much time? Then think of a way to let job seekers find the door by themselves

  • After clarifying the background and market conditions of the recruitment, you can formulate a targeted recruitment plan, including JD ( Job Description three elements: job name, job description, and job requirements), and it can also include benefits, team highlights, etc.
  • JD’s features , which can attract the attention of talents. For example, JD reflects the excellent team atmosphere, rich technical exploration, challenging projects, etc.
  • JD also can reflect the warm side of the heart, such as the candidates of recommendations (EG: If you feel yet reached the recruitment requirements of the job, you can do some of the technical exploration and thinking at work, trying to refuel oh ~ )
  • In addition, the team has been as beautiful sister , send it directly to my sister right job recruitment, better ~

It also needs to be clearly formulated in terms of interview links and procedures. For example, there are several aspects, the main assessment content of the first aspect, and the main assessment content of the second aspect...The main assessment content of each aspect must be focused on different points. Write an "Interview Question Form", all asking basic things

4. The candidates played very well, and we had a good chat

  • The interviewer needs to think more about the candidate’s interview experience. For example, appointment with 160a446ff48f51 in advance of 160a446ff48f51 call, text message, WeChat, etc. The specific interview time, location, format, etc. The key point is to make an appointment in advance. Do not call directly and start the interview. Candidates People will be rushed
  • interview time, place and format with the candidate, a 160a446ff48f7b confirmation email should be sent to the candidate, which is used as an interview voucher
  • At the beginning of the interview, the interviewer should first introduce , and then let the candidates introduce themselves. Candidates usually come from far away for the interview. If possible, prepare a glass of water for the candidate. Best
  • During the interview process, the interviewer should put normal and 160a446ff48fde, and use guided questions, open-ended questions , and gradually guide the candidates to perform their best. Don’t be superior and contempt the interviewer.
  • After the interview, the interviewer must ask the question there is no candidate, candidates interviewed dozens of minutes to several hours, anything in question, it is necessary for candidates initiative to ask questions opportunities
  • After the interview, regardless of whether the interview is passed or not, try to send interview result within a few days to inform the candidate of the specific situation

5. I met a dozen people today, which is a bit messy. How to manage these resumes?

  • Candidate’s resume needs to be archived, not only to record the candidate’s situation, but also to accumulate important contacts for recruiters themselves. Try to add WeChat as well.
  • Generally, every company will have a recruitment system, self-built or purchased, in short, there will be, but whether it is good or not, who knows who uses it?
  • If you just want a simple record, use Excel or Tencent documents directly to record the candidate’s name, phone number, working years, interview date, interview progress, resume features, interview comments, etc.
  • Generally speaking, the management of resumes is actually more casual. You can do it where you want. It is clear and easy to manage, and it can solve the chaotic problem better.

to sum up

Okay, this time I will talk about these superficial things first. The standardized process is the first step to improve efficiency~

I believe readers who are job seekers finally understand why some companies give you very good feelings, but some companies give you extremely bad feelings~

Efficiency and experience all happen in the details~

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