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Apart from sleeping in a person's life, work/career takes up the most time for you.
But, do you love your job? Some people say that the meaning of life lies in the process, not the result. You spend most of your life at work, do you enjoy this process? After five years of graduation, here is a brief summary for reference only.

just graduated

Many people enter the workplace ignorantly, and the position may or may not be related to the profession. At that time, I didn't think too much. I felt that being able to feed myself was the first step, that is, the first layer of Maslow's theory of needs, to maintain my own survival in the society. At this time, you will master a "skill" when you bring it out of the university. This skill needs to be recognized by the society and needed by the society (or what is needed by the current society). Such as front-end development, back-end development, etc. At this stage, you may whether you are currently doing.

Key points: At this time, you can't be "bound" by the major you are studying. You can take up other positions that are not your major. What you have to consider is 2 points:

1. Do you like it (premise);

2. Whether the position has a future (money) path (in other words, whether the position is needed by society, and what is the relationship between talent supply and demand).

Keywords: Like, Qian (money) way

1-2 years after graduation

After immersing in the big dyeing tank of the workplace for 1-2 years, you will encounter unprecedented workplace rules, interpersonal communication, office politics and so on. Of course, more for their own professional "skills" greatly improved. At this stage, there may be less money and overtime may be required. But when you encounter this situation, if you are disgusted, it basically means that you don't like what you are doing. If you encounter a job you really like/love to do, you will be fully involved regardless of location. I remember that when I graduated, I was always the first to come to the company, and I would type code in another place after get off work or on weekends. When you like something, you will not care about these gains and losses . Just like playing games of lol, kings, and eating chicken, you will even play until wee hours. If not, then you don't like it, you will realize that is a job ! It doesn't matter, you can keep trying other positions at this time until you find the one you love.

Key points: At this stage, it is recommended to expand the scope of knowledge (breadth), and promote the use of learning.

Keywords: breadth, "used to learn"

Work for 4-5 years

For development, if you have been engaged for about 4-5 years, you will be able to form your own knowledge system (structured thinking) and methodology for doing things if you have good abilities. You may have your own opinions on the value of this If you continue to write business at this stage without your own thinking and knowledge, then you should stop and ask yourself how you are going in the future. Ideally, at this stage, it will be clear that development is functional position (come demand, write business and move bricks), or what? If you realize that this is a functional job, then you can be replaced by the new generation . Maybe in the next few years, you will see your salary and career cognition ceiling. If you are confused, you should find more "predecessors" who are better than you to communicate with them. How did they get here? Do things in the company to "look ahead (future) and look behind (history)".

Key point: At this stage, it is recommended to structure (line or surface) the knowledge of past fragments (points or lines), and find your own professional field (depth). Build your own professional technical barriers, irreplaceable core competitiveness.

Keywords: depth, domain expert, methodology

Concluding remarks

Be fully involved in what you are doing, and have a clear understanding of what you are doing and what you are about to do. Every step is very clear, if there is a slight blur, then stop, think carefully and ask yourself. Maybe some people may feel that they will not always be engaged in this position in the future, but please believe that these bits and pieces will connect your future path. Putting into your current passion will not have side effects on your future path choices.

Intuition, destiny, life, cause and effect. Find what you love.

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