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As a top-level Apache cloud native messaging middleware donated by Alibaba, RocketMQ is based on online transaction links to help companies achieve asynchronous decoupling, peak cutting and valley filling, IoT edge data, and C-end user behavior data collection, transmission and integration. . We can see it in a lot of large-scale landing scenarios: e-commerce logistics transaction systems, online education curriculum systems, large-scale game signaling systems, and bank transaction systems; in non-online business scenarios, a large number of Internet of Vehicles, e-commerce Business website.

With the cloud-native evolution of messaging infrastructure, RocketMQ has also begun to explore post-processing scenarios in the messaging field, as well as message streaming and light computing, helping users to achieve nearby computing and analysis of messages, and will fully embrace Serverless and EDA. So, what new scenarios are the first-tier manufacturers using RocketMQ in, and the community has recently evolved new functions? Those who want to learn more about this, come and join the Apache RocketMQ MeetUp-Beijing Station offline event!

At the event site, you can not only get a number of dry goods case analysis, but also a variety of mysterious small gifts. More importantly, you can make more than 100 fellow developers who share your interests! Don't hesitate anymore! Scan the poster and sign up now!

Event Name: Apache RocketMQ Meetup-Beijing Railway Station
Activity time: October 16, 2021 14:00-17:00
Activity address: No. 35 Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing-Krypton Space (Xiaoyun Road Community)
Highlights of the event:
(1) How to build cloud native messaging middleware for multi-cloud heterogeneous storage
(2) A comprehensive explanation of RocketMQ Go language refactoring design ideas and implementation details
(3) Deep analysis of RocketMQ Streams to make real-time calculation easier
(4) Understand the new trend of architecture and interpret the exploration and practice of Event-Driven architecture
(5) Understand the evolution direction of the rocketmq 5.0 message, event, and stream fusion processing platform


Click on the link (, you can sign up for tickets!

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