Surprised! Xiuxian = programming? ?


Hello everyone, this is Liang Xu.

In my impression, the programming books we have come into contact with are all like this:

After removing the reading attribute, such books can also be used to cushion computer screens, cushion table legs, cover instant noodles, and hit product managers. They are indispensable artifacts for home, travel, and self-defense!

Such books generally have pages like this:

It is precisely because these books are boring and taste like chewing wax, that they have been in the hands of readers since they left the factory, and they have remained as bright as new and radiant. They have always been a good tool and weapon without deliberate maintenance.

And the user's forehead gradually shines like a weapon.

However, when Liang Xu was reviewing the memorials in the circle of friends a few days ago, he accidentally discovered that a technical book written in the form of a novel had been circulating on the rivers and lakes, and he suddenly brightened his eyes and discovered the new world!

Let's take a look at the style of this book:

Looking at this style and language, can you think of this as a technical book?

Let alone the playful language, it is actually written as a novel, and it is still a novel of Xiu Xian!

Is it possible that learning programming is also a process of upgrading and killing monsters and cultivating immortals?

Thinking about it, there seems to be a little truth...

After I released the screenshot of this book in Moments, I immediately triggered a wave of comments:

Thinking that everyone is so interested in this book, I will announce the information of this book to you today.

(PS: pure sharing, no good rice)

The title of this book is " JavaScript ", author Yang Yifei, published by Tsinghua University Press, just published in June this year (no wonder I haven't found it before).

This is a technical book that explains the JavaScript programming language, but this book uses a brand new writing technique. If you are tired of thick, dictionary-like programming books, you might as well try new flavors! Through this book, you can comprehend the seven key secrets of JavaScript functions; through this book, you can easily learn to use jQuery to manipulate DOM objects; through this book, you can learn the current popular Vue basic syntax; through this book, you can also Learn the latest ES6 common grammar. This book can be used as a fun reading for JavaScript beginners.

I won’t say too much praise, otherwise someone will say that I’m advertising.

Anyway, this book is easy and pleasant to read, and it is very good to learn programming by reading novels.

Interested friends can buy a book to read. If you want to read the electronic version, you can click on the following link (non-piracy):

"JavaScript Hundreds of

Finally, recently, many friends asked me to for 1619e375dedd23 Linux learning roadmap , so based on my experience, I spent a month staying up late in my spare time and compiled an e-book. Whether you are in an interview or self-improvement, I believe it will be helpful to you!

Give it to everyone for free, just ask you to give me a thumbs up!

e-book | Linux development learning roadmap

I also hope that some friends can join me to make this e-book more perfect!

Gain? I hope that the old guys will have a three-strike combo, so that more people can read this article

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