2021 Best Open Source Software List Top29: FastAPI and StreamNative on the list


Recently, InfoWorld announced the 2021 Bossie Awards list. The list ranks the current open source projects in the fields of software development, devops, data analysis and machine learning, and selected the top 29 of the best open source software of the year. Many of them are familiar to everyone, let's take a look!

1、Svelte and SvelteKit

In the field of innovation, open source, and front-end JavaScript frameworks, Svelte and its full-stack counterpart SvelteKit may be the most ambitious and far-sighted of all products. Svelte initially broke the status quo by adopting a compile-time strategy, and now it is relying on its outstanding performance and continuous Development and excellent developer experience. SvelteKit is currently passing the public beta, making a leap through the use of the latest tools and manufacturing technologies.


As the name suggests, Minikube is a miniature Kubernetes cluster running on the desktop. No need for a virtual machine, just use native containers or bare metal. Minikube supports cross-platform work and does not require MacOS or Windows users to install a Linux distribution to run.


Pixie is an observability tool for Kubernetes applications. It can view the status of high-level data clusters, such as service mapping, cluster resources, and application traffic. At the same time, you can also drill down to view more detailed views, such as pod status, flame graphs, and single view applications Procedure request.


FastAPI is a high-performance Web framework for building APIs. It has the characteristics of fast high performance, fast coding, fewer errors, intuitiveness and simplicity, and robustness. It is based on and fully compatible with API open standards OpenAPI and JSON Schema.


Crystal is a programming language project that takes into account the speed of the C language and the expressiveness of the Ruby language. After years of development, Crystal 1.0 was officially released at the beginning of this year. It uses static typing and the LLVM compiler to achieve high speed and can be used for general workloads.

6、Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is a powerful command line terminal tool with many popular features, such as multi-Tab support, multi-language support, configurability, themes and styles, and support for emoji and GPU-based text rendering.

7、OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a commercial display capture and camera suite launched under the current trend of video capture and live streaming. Users can create multiple capture source definitions (live camera, full desktop, specific window), save the capture to a file on disk, or stream it to the provider in real time.


Shotcut is a cross-platform video editing tool that allows users to apply effects and layering, and make all standard corrections to audio and video tracks. Shotcut can run cross-platform on Mac, Linux, BSD and Windows. The interactive interface is flexible and the operation is very simple.

9、Weave GitOps Core

Weave GitOps is based on the leading GitOps engine CNCF Flux, supports effective GitOps workflow, and can continuously deliver applications to Kubernetes clusters.

10、Apache Solr

Apache Solr is a full-text search server based on Lucene and the most popular enterprise-level search engine. Apache Solr is clusterable, deployable in the cloud, and supports the establishment of cloud-level search services.


MLflow is an MLOps platform created by Databricks and hosted by the Linux Foundation, which allows people to track, manage and maintain various machine learning models, experiments and their deployment.


Orange can become "productive and fun" for data mining. It allows users to create a data analysis workflow to perform various machine learning and analysis functions and visualizations.


Flutter is a high-performance, cross-platform mobile application created by a team of Google engineers. Flutter is optimized for current and future mobile devices, focusing on low-latency input and high frame rates for Android and iOS.

14、Apache Superset

Apache Superset is Airbnb's open source data exploration and visualization platform (formerly known as Panoramix, Caravel) and an enterprise-level business intelligence web application. The tool is very distinctive in visualization, ease of use and interactivity, and users can easily perform visual analysis on data.


Presto is an open source distributed SQL engine used for online analysis and processing and cluster operation. It can query a variety of data sources and return the results to the business intelligence and analysis environment.

16、Apache Arrow

The Apache Arrow library can be used in C, C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Julia, MATLAB, Python, R, Ruby and Rust. It defines a language-independent columnar memory format for flat and hierarchical data. It is a modern CPU And efficient analysis operations on the GPU.


InterpretML is an open source Explainable AI (XAI) package with built-in advanced machine learning interpretability technology, which can be used to train explainable glassbox models and interpret black box systems.


Lime (full name local interpretable model-agnostic explanations) is a post-hoc technology that can explain the predictions of any machine learning classifier by perturbing the features of the input and checking the prediction results.


Dask is an open source library for parallel computing that can extend the Python package to multiple machines. Dask can distribute data and calculations on multiple GPUs.


BlazingSQL is a GPU-accelerated SQL engine built on the RAPIDS ecosystem. It is based on the Apache Arrow columnar memory format and has various functions to support large-scale data science workflows and enterprise data sets.


Rapids is Nvidia's open source software library and API suite, which gives users the ability to execute end-to-end data science and analysis pipelines entirely on the GPU. It uses Nvidia CUDA primitives for low-level computing optimization, and exposes the parallelism and high-bandwidth memory speed of the GPU through a user-friendly Python interface.


PostHog is an open source product analysis platform built for developers. It can automatically collect every event on a user's website or application without sending data to a third party. It can also automatically capture clicks and comprehensive browsing without manual push. Volume to analyze what the user is doing.


LakeFS provides a way to "manage your data lake by managing code", adding a layer of Git-like version control to object storage, and through LakeFS, the familiar technology of managing and protecting code bases can be extended to modern databases .


Meltano is a free and open source DataOps separated from GitLab this year to replace the traditional ELT (extract, load, transform) tool chain. Its data warehouse framework makes it easy for users to model, extract, and transform data. Analysis tools and simplified reporting dashboards complement the integration and conversion pipeline.


Trino (formerly known as PrestoSQL) is a distributed SQL analysis engine that can run extremely fast queries on large distributed data sources. Trino allows users to perform queries on data lakes, relational storage, or multiple different sources at the same time, without the need to copy or move data for processing.


StreamNative is a highly scalable information and event streaming platform that combines the powerful distributed stream processing architecture of Apache Pulsar with additional enterprise features such as Kubernetes and hybrid cloud support, a large data connector library, simple authentication and authorization, and health Combined with special tools for performance monitoring, it greatly simplifies real-time reporting and analysis tools and data pipeline laying for enterprise application streams.

27、Hugging Face

Hugging Face provides the most important open source deep learning resource library. Its goal is to expand beyond text and support image, audio, video, object detection, etc.


EleutherAI is a distributed group of machine learning researchers dedicated to bringing GPT-3 to everyone.

29、Colab notebooks for generative art

Unlike in previous years, Bossie’s winners are traditionally libraries, frameworks, platforms, applications and operating systems—mainly open source. But this year, the factors that caused the “explosion” of art caused by open source are also worthy of attention.

At present, the world's most valuable and complex open source projects and free software are growing on GitHub, which has greatly reduced the cost of information technology for many companies and companies around the world. If you are also looking for cutting-edge software technology, you can take a look at the open source projects mentioned in the above 2021 InfoWorld Bossie Awards.

About InfoWorld

InfoWorld is an information technology media company, founded in 1978 and currently affiliated with IDG. Every year, InfoWorld will select the "Best Open Source Software" (BOSSIE) of the year based on the software's contribution to the open source industry and its influence in the industry. The award selection has continued for more than ten years.

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