Windows 11 Edge pop-up warning! Dissuade users from downloading Chrome | A "Battle" on the browser continues


Recently, Microsoft was discovered by foreign media that they were trying to "dissuade" users from downloading the Chrome browser through the Windows 11 Edge pop-up window. This approach has once again angered many users.

According to windowslatest reports, in the stable version of Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge, they found a new pop-up warning, trying to prevent users from downloading Chrome.

According to reports, as early as when Windows 10 was launched, everyone discovered that users would prefer Chrome or Firefox compared to Microsoft Edge on Windows. Later, Microsoft also redesigned the browser-Microsoft Edge by using the Chrome open source engine.

After Edge appeared, it quickly became a very attractive web browser. However, foreign media commented that Microsoft does not seem to be satisfied with this, so it has recently been "desperately" trying to let users use its new Edge browser.

No, Microsoft just found another way to "block" users from downloading Chrome - a new message popped up on the Edge toolbar, asking users to continue using Edge to improve security.

Chrome pop-up warning on Windows 11

As you can see in the screenshot, the "Safe Browsing Message" will pop up in the stable version of Edge, and it is only for users who visit the Chrome download page, so if you try to install Firefox, Vivaldi or Opera, you will not receive it. To the same alert.

In the "Safe Browsing Message", it was stated that "Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome use the same technology and are trusted by Microsoft."

In addition, there is a button called "Safe Browsing Now" that redirects users to the web page, highlighting Edge's performance, security, and other advantages over other browsers.

According to observations, most users who currently use Edge stable will not display this message (unless they are part of the A/B test group). In subsequent tests, it was found that the pop-up alert was triggered by a server-side update, so it has nothing to do with the internal version number of Windows 11.

It is worth pointing out that when a user tries to use any search engine (Bing or Google) to access the download page of Chrome, a warning will appear.

Of course, Windows 11’s new pop-up warning will not prevent users from installing Chrome, but this message is clearly intended to persuade users not to try Chrome, which is less secure than Edge (according to Microsoft). This may be considered misleading by some, because the two browsers use the same underlying technology.

Interestingly, this pop-up prompt in Microsoft Edge is currently unique to Windows 11, so Windows 10 users will not see this alert, at least not yet.

Microsoft VS Google: A marketing battle about browsers

Although Microsoft's current approach seems a bit "unethical", Google, as its competitor, also uses similar strategies in browser marketing and competition.

There are reports that Google has been using its popular service to "scare" users not to use Microsoft Edge.

As early as the beginning of 2020, Forbes published a report entitled "Google is now warning millions of Microsoft Edge users to switch to Chrome." The content showed that Google quietly updated its Chrome web store with a security alert. To warn Edge users to switch to Chrome.

The report mentioned that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are both built on the same Chrome platform. Now the dispute between the two browsers has fallen into a marketing war, and security has become its competitive advantage.

The report quoted a report released by Windows at the time, which showed Google’s identification code for “abusing user agent” that was found to allow websites to automatically recognize the browser type and version, detect and warn Microsoft Edge users who visit the Chrome web store , Remind them that they should switch to Chrome when it comes to extensions.

The reason for Google Chrome’s warning is that Microsoft Edge does not integrate with Google’s Safe Browsing protection to eliminate threats, so when extensions are at risk, Google cannot protect users in the same way.

For Microsoft, this puts them at a disadvantage on Chrome and other browser platforms unless secure browsing is integrated in place.

Therefore, even now, whenever we visit Google search, Gmail or Drive and other services, the "switch to Chrome" ad will still appear.

For users, although these pop-up reminders are annoying, they are also very helpless. In the final analysis, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have to work together to solve the problem. What do you think? Welcome to communicate in the comment area.

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