What is cloud hosting and what are the advantages?

Cloud hosting is a new generation of cloud native application engine provided by cloud development, which supports hosting containerized applications written in any language and framework. Together with other cloud development products (cloud functions, cloud databases, cloud storage, extended applications, HTTP access services, etc.) End-to-cloud services can be used to develop a variety of end-end applications (mini programs, official accounts, web applications, etc.) integrated in the cloud, avoiding the tedious server construction and operation and maintenance during the application development process, so that developers can focus on the realization of business logic, The development threshold is lower and the efficiency is higher.


Service-Oriented Managed Backend Services

Using the background services of the traditional technology stack, it is difficult to bear the cost of cloud function transformation. The use of cloud hosting can quickly migrate stock services, while supporting east-west communication microservices and service resident.

Traffic Unstable Triggered Services

It can automatically expand and shrink according to real-time traffic, and charge according to actual consumption, which greatly reduces costs. Cooperating with the cloud to develop other business capabilities can reduce the cost of database and storage usage at the same time.

Security Privatization

Businesses with high security requirements support deployment in users' private clusters and provide hybrid cloud deployment solutions.

Cloud hosting features

Any language

Developers can use any language and framework they like, including but not limited to Java, PHP, Go, Python. You can quickly deploy by uploading an image, or you can upload code packages or provide GitHub/GitLab code base authorization, which will be automatically built and deployed by cloud hosting.

traffic driven

The number of instances can be automatically scaled within the number interval set by the user according to traffic changes, and the service can be resident flexibly while responding, saving resource costs and eliminating the need for operation and maintenance.

Low migration cost

Migrating existing business to cloud hosting CloudBase Run requires almost no code modification, no need to refactor the business to transform it into a function mode, realize painless migration, and enjoy the convenience brought by the serverless mode quickly and conveniently.

Compatible with Knative

Compatible with Knative ecological standards, it has a good community foundation and a complete community ecology. It can be seamlessly migrated between various cloud vendors, without worrying about technology lock-in, and entering the "cloud native" era.


Provides cross-platform deployment feasibility based on Knative; provides container hosting capabilities based on EKS, solves the problem of privatized deployment of computing resources to support privatization/hybrid deployment.

Cloud Development Framework

It can be linked with other functions of cloud development, and use cloud database, cloud storage and other basic services to greatly improve the overall application development efficiency. Including related SDK capabilities, authentication, user management and other end-oriented capabilities to help users develop quickly.


Q: What is the relationship between cloud hosting and cloud development?

A: Cloud hosting is a serverless container hosting platform provided by cloud development. You can use cloud hosting alone without using other resources of cloud development, or you can integrate cloud development SDK and use other functions, databases and other resources in combination.

Q: What languages does the cloud-hosted CloudBase Run support?

There are no restrictions on any language and framework, developers can write code in any way they like, Java, PHP, and Go are not limited.

Q: Do I need to transform into cloud functions to use cloud hosting?

Provides serverless services for code/images without cloud function transformation.

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云开发(Tencent CloudBase,TCB)是云端一体化的后端云服务 ,采用 serverless 架构,免去了移动应用构...

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云开发(Tencent CloudBase,TCB)是云端一体化的后端云服务 ,采用 serverless 架构,免去了移动应用构...

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