TiDB Cloud GA helps global enterprises build a new generation of cloud-native applications on the cloud


PingCAP announced the official commercial use of TiDB Cloud, helping global enterprises build a new generation of cloud-native applications on the cloud.

Enterprise users can easily support various innovative business scenarios with the help of the fully managed database service of TiDB Cloud, freeing enterprises from complex tasks such as back-end infrastructure operation and maintenance and data backup.

On May 11, 2022, PingCAP, an enterprise-level open source distributed database manufacturer, announced the official commercial use of TiDB Cloud worldwide.

After more than a year of extensive testing by global users and partners, TiDB Cloud today officially provides fully managed DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) services to global users, allowing users to run key business transactions and services on fully managed databases. Analyze tasks in real-time and enjoy the performance benefits and business continuity guarantees on the cloud.
As the data-driven digital transformation process continues to accelerate, the business growth of enterprises is faced with the challenges of large-scale data access and data silos. TiDB Cloud provides next-generation cloud-native database solutions to help users quickly build cloud-native key applications in a multi-cloud environment, whether these applications run on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.

Traditional databases have been unable to support today's millions of transactions per second. PingCAP has been committed to solving massive, real-time, online data processing and analysis problems, providing global enterprises with a new generation of databases, allowing enterprise users to manage massive data processing at the same time. Activating real-time data analysis capabilities, TiDB Cloud further lowers the threshold for enterprise users to use HTAP real-time analysis capabilities.
<p align="right">——PingCAP co-founder and CTO Huang Dongxu</p>

TiDB Cloud has all the capabilities of the TiDB distributed database, and provides many new enterprise-level features for the hosting model in the cloud. Enterprise users can handle complex business with lower infrastructure costs and a more simplified way.

The new features of TiDB Cloud for enterprise users mainly include the following aspects:

  • Improve security through audit logs: Give businesses the ability to oversee the actions of all users to ensure the security of their data;
  • Built-in monitoring and alert center: Helps companies resolve new issues before they affect the business;
  • Support and integration of Prometheus and Datadog: Provide enterprises with efficient tools to monitor and manage TiDB clusters;
  • Continued addition of new regional nodes: Added support for Mumbai, India nodes on Amazon Web Services;
  • Further increase in computing power options: Added new 4vCPU and 16vCPU options for TiDB and TiKV nodes;

Through TiDB Cloud, PingCAP is helping users consolidate and simplify the technology stack, freeing enterprise users from maintaining expensive and independent database instances. TiDB Cloud shields the complexity of TiDB database deployment, operation and maintenance, and performance tuning. It only takes a few minutes to set up, which greatly simplifies the work tasks of developers and DBAs, and reduces the overall cost of enterprises.

In addition to standard services, TiDB Cloud has added two new service supports--Enterprise and Premium. These two advanced service supports provide faster response and problem resolution, allowing users to obtain more emergency rescue services.

In the past year, many Chinese overseas users have been using the TiDB Cloud public beta version. The official commercial use of TiDB Cloud will provide better service guarantees for these users, and also provide a new safe and easy-to-use option for MySQL database users looking for cross-cloud.

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