Changing careers hand in hand | Joining a job does not mean everything will be fine

Thinking back to the first month of joining the company, I was walking on thin ice.
Be cautious at work. Before making a decision, you will take the initiative to ask other team members: Is this right? How to do it?
This feeling, I believe that many students who have changed careers and tested, feel more or less the same.

In fact, after changing careers and job-hopping, my personal feeling is that the recruitment cost of enterprises is quite high. Generally, as long as you do not make mistakes of principle, you can basically pass the probationary period smoothly.

In the previous sharing, I emphasized that it is not recommended to over-package a resume.
If you always package yourself as 3 years of work experience, you will be easily seen through.
Basic integrity is still required.
On the basis of this principle, you should also have your own choices.
Is it worth staying in this company and how long?
That is to say, whether the company meets your expectations, including the size of the test team, the overall process, the atmosphere in the project team, and your personal improvement, etc., all need to be evaluated after you join.

I have confirmed that I want to stay, then the next step is to start working as soon as possible.

1. Familiarize yourself with newcomer guidelines as soon as possible

Guidelines for the work of the test team:
1 Familiar with the organizational structure of the department The first company, the project leader will bring me to know the colleagues who will be contacted during the testing process, including development, operation and maintenance, products, etc.
However, the second company skipped this step because of the large size of the team, and required me to get to know it in actual work.
2 Permissions and tools required for daily work:

  • Application for various account permissions: bug management platform-JIRA/Zen Tao, database of test environment, server, etc.
  • Installation of tools needed for testing: write use case-Xmind, database visualization management tool-Workbench, Linux client-MobaXterm, screen capture tool-Snipaste, etc.

2. Learn to ask questions

If you don’t know how to get the tools and permissions mentioned in the previous link, if you don’t know how to do it for more than half an hour, ask as soon as possible, and don’t let your colleagues label you “don’t like to ask”.
Don't create this stereotype yourself, either:

The more you think you don't like to ask questions, the more afraid to ask questions;
When others think you don't like to ask questions, you are even more afraid to ask questions.

Like my current company, it will arrange a mentor for me, so if I have doubts at work, I will give priority to asking him, which reflects a kind of respect.
Second, when there is a test task to collaborate with other colleagues, you can ask the colleague you are collaborating with.

Tips for asking questions:

  1. When assigning a task to you, you first think for yourself what kind of result you want to achieve. If you can't figure it out, take your thinking to confirm. This should be done quickly and cannot be delayed, because if the direction is wrong, the result will not be what others want. If the same thing happens a few times, others will easily lose patience with you.
  2. Questions should be asked centrally: for example, give you a requirement to be tested, sort out the questionable points while looking at it, and then ask them together. This makes others think you are efficient. If you ask questions one by one, it will be annoying to anyone else, and you will easily interrupt other people's train of thought.
  3. Summarize the questions you have asked yourself: Repeatedly asking the same question is annoying. When you learn to solve a problem, you can summarize a document. Next time you encounter the same problem and can't remember it, just go back and look at it, and you don't need to trouble others.
  4. Those who can Baidu first: For some simple questions, you can answer them by Baidu, so try not to trouble other colleagues.

3. Look at the requirements document, bug library, use case library

Look at the requirements document : It is easy to quickly understand the functions of the system, especially the functional modules you will be responsible for.
Look at the bug library : Know what types of bugs generally occur in development here, so you can focus on testing. Also, learn how fine-grained other colleagues are for reporting bugs, and what kind of norms there are.
Look at the use case library : It is mainly to facilitate you to understand the granularity of testing and to open up your testing ideas. The requirements you will test later have similar functions, which can be directly imitated or borrowed.

4. Synchronize work progress

When the tasks assigned to you are completed carefully, you need to synchronize the progress of the work in time, especially to let your tutors and superiors understand your progress.
Don't be afraid of slow progress, not giving feedback, or overly optimistic assessment of progress.
My experience during this period is to give honest feedback on progress and difficulties encountered.
On the one hand, it is to reassure others. After all, you are a newcomer. Slow down, it is normal to encounter difficulties and will provide you with some help.
On the other hand, it is to release one's own pressure. Not every problem can be carried by oneself, and it is accomplished by working overtime. Sometimes showing weakness is a correct choice.

5. In free time, experience the use of the company's products more

Especially in the online environment, using the experience with real users.
Combined with your own feelings and user feedback, it is better to provide some optimization suggestions for the product.


As a new career changer, you need to have a good attitude, be good at learning, have more summaries, give more feedback, do not make mistakes of principle, and be able to correct your mistakes.
When you can do the above points, it is generally not a problem to get through the trial period.
After all, the company also spends a lot of money to recruit and train.
There is a certain sunk cost in recruiting another person.

So sometimes, ability isn't the key factor in whether you can stay or not.
If the ability is not enough, then make up for it diligently.
The work attitude and habits are difficult to correct in a short time, and these are difficult to be exposed during the interview.

The previous sharing said that during the interview, you have to exceed expectations, and then make a blockbuster.
It's the same when it comes to actual work, gradually meet the company's expectations of you, and then exceed it.
Come on, believe that you can do it~

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