Return to zero and advance to one | SegmentFault Sifu Community's 10th Anniversary Community Welfare is here!

Winners have been announced:
"Reward for Messages": https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000042012599
"Q&A punch card": https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000042020576

As the founders of the community, we have also experienced many warm moments during this 10 years. Many developers have grown up with the community. They have grown from fledgling rookies to independent masters, and then they have given back their knowledge to the community to help more people. This is a community for everyone, so at this special time, we want to join the members of the community to celebrate it. —— @Joyqi "Cheers for our 10th Anniversary"

🎉 响应 70 大大的号召,为十周年喝彩

Looking back at the warm moments of the past ten years, everything in the past has been reset to zero, but a new body is ready to go.
Words of thanks don't need to be said, a more open, inclusive and progressive community will continue to move forward hand in hand with everyone.

The code does not stop, the thinking does not stop!
In order to give back to the support and company of the community developers along the way, this June we have prepared a series of activities and gifts, 「10 周年专属徽章」「寄语有奖」「问答打卡」「微博转发有奖」「10 年老友采访」 Welcome everyone to participate-

👌 Event 1: 10th Anniversary Exclusive Limited Badge

The 10th anniversary exclusive badge of SegmentFault Sifu community is here~

Since June 1, 2022, when the medal is launched, the background system will automatically determine the user's registration time and reputation, and users who meet the requirements will receive a notification of issuance and receive a 「归零进一」 limited badge

Q: What kind of users will get this badge that?
Answer: users who have been registered for 10 years and above, and have a reputation of 100 and above, answer questions > 0.

😍 Activity 2: Messages will be rewarded

Activity method: Reply to Joyqi's "Cheers for our 10th Anniversary" article, share your story with SF, or it can be a blessing from your friends~

Event time: 2022.6.01 - 2022.6.20 24:00

List of prizes:

  • Users whose comments are sorted by mantissa 0 and 1 can get Sifu T-Shirt & Sifu Cat Figure & Sifu Customized Backpack, random delivery! (The deadline for the event is 2022.6.20 24:00. Miss Sifu will sort out the winning friends after the deadline. Tips: Sort by [votes], and the comments that are liked and replied will be higher.)
  • Nei Niu Full Face Award: Miss Sifu will select 10 high-quality comments to send 10 周年限定礼盒

Comments will also be displayed on the official website of Sifu 10th anniversary in the form of barrage, welcome to watch🙌: https://pages.segmentfault.com/ten-years

❤️ Activity 3: 7-day quiz punch card

Participation rules:

  • 2022.6.1 Start to get on the bus, join the group registration
  • There is no limit to the start date of punching in. In the [Q&A] section of the Sifu community, answer at least 3 questions per day on average according to the rules, punch in for 7 consecutive days, and complete 21 questions and answers, even if the punching task is completed.

Remarks: If you don’t answer questions in the [Q&A] section every day, does it count? No, as long as you answer a total of 21 questions and answers during the event time, you are encouraged to read the questions every day.

How do I enroll?
Scan the QR code below to join the group👇

And fill in the registration form: https://jinshuju.net/f/XnibED

List of prizes:
Complete at least 21 quizzes that meet the requirements, and complete the check-in event to win prizes

  • Prizes: Sifu cultural shirt, Sifu cat figure, Sifu custom backpack, random delivery!
  • Gift Pack Award: Answer the top 5 to get the "True Love Gift Pack", yes 10 周年限定礼盒 oh
  • Answering questions can also get super cool [Answer Badge] Doing more questions and answers can also increase your reputation in the community

Q&A Badges: https://segmentfault.com/badges
Reputation details: https://segmentfault.com/repu

Q&A requirements:

For your convenience to copy:

 已参与了 [SegmentFault 思否社区 10 周年「问答」打卡](https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000041925107) ,欢迎正在阅读的你也加入。
  • Content: technical questions answered, the content of the answer must have its own analysis and ideas, no advertising behavior, and no paste code.

🙌 Event 4: Rewards for Weibo Forwarding

  • Activities: Retweet Weibo to participate in the lottery, welcome to follow 「SegmentFault」 Official Weibo
  • Event time: 2022.6.1-2022.6.8, daily draw!
  • Prize List: 10th Anniversary Limited T-Shirt, Mouse Pad, Sticker, Sifu Cat Figure, Frisbee

📣 Activity 5: 10 Years of Friends — Interview with senior community users

As Qi Ning, one of the founders of SegmentFault, said: "SegmentFault is a community that belongs to everyone." In the past ten years, thousands of developers have joined the Sifu community. We are excited to see every Zhang's different new faces are also moved by those old friends in the community who have accompanied them for many years. Seeing them is like seeing an old friend who has known each other for many years.

We are honored to invite the "old friends" of the community to participate in our ten-year friends series interviews. We will update the interview content in this article regularly . Welcome to read~

🎁 活动奖品概览

Finally, let's take a look at the exquisite peripheral gifts that have condensed Miss Sifu's hard work and lost a lot of Sifu cat's hair!

  • On the day of unblocking in various places, sports are the best gift: Sifu limited sports bottle, throw away 404 Frisbee for free! (Recently, there are many sports that are super popular!)
  • Remember the Hackathon limited-edition t-shirt that was popular a few years ago? NEVER STOP CODING EVEN SEGMENTFAULT!!! It's back! Limited edition of retro classic models, waiting for you to PICK! (Whisperingly, there are also new cultural shirts from I Write Code and It Works)
  • Work efficiency set: I heard that the SegmentFault mouse pad is installed, and the "HACK" sticker is covered on the computer, so it won't write BUG? Anyway, I believed 23333

🎁 How to get it?

Come and join the 12345 community event!

👇 开发者 & 伙伴祝福聚集地

SegmentFault Sifu 10th Anniversary Official Website: SegmentFault Sifu Community 10th Anniversary丨Return to Zero and One to One

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