Ask if you don’t understand, and quickly become an advanced player in container services!

For IT practitioners, mastering container technology is not only a market demand, but also an important way to enhance self-worth. On July 20, the "Fun Container Service Advanced Training Camp" was officially launched, and nearly 500 "players" actively signed up. What exactly is an advanced training camp? What are the dry goods in the advanced training camp? What can participants gain? And how to participate, etc., this article will answer your questions one by one.

About Fun Container Service Advanced Training Camp

"Fun Container Service Advanced Training Camp" is based on the series of courses of "Fun with Alibaba Cloud Container Service in 5 Minutes" . According to different chapters, an advanced training camp of learning + experience + communication is carried out in stages. Real-time online cracking of container scale implementation difficulties and innovative methods to help more developers quickly master enterprise-level container application implementation skills. The core content of this training camp includes:

  • Can't go to school - carefully polished series of courses, quickly master enterprise-level container application implementation skills
  • Unfamiliar with it - dual-mode learning + task punch card, unlock task, open container and efficient learning toolbox
  • If you don't understand, ask questions - big coffee live class 1-on-1 answering questions, accurately solving the problem of container scale landing

Countdown to the start of advanced live classes

The first training camp advanced live class will be held for two consecutive days from August 2nd to August 3rd, focusing on the advanced operations of "Container Gateway Ingress" and "Container Operating System" to help you overcome difficulties.

Advanced Live 1: 18:00-19:00 on August 2 | How to use MSE Ingress in ACK

Speaker : Li Yanlin (Yan Lin), founder of Nacos, founder of MSE, head of Alibaba Cloud on Middleware, senior technical expert of Alibaba Cloud, ten years of experience in microservice research and development, participating in the evolution of Alibaba's remote multi-active architecture, full link pressure Key battles such as testing, millions of instance architecture evolution, full cloud deployment, open source and Alibaba Cloud.
Course introduction : This course mainly shares the development trend of Ingress, discusses the trend of Ingress/Gateway API standards, shares the technical trend of Nginx/Envoy Ingress, explains the advantages and practices of Alibaba Cloud MSE Ingress, and helps businesses establish high availability and security defense lines from entry standards .


Advanced Live 2: August 3, 18:00-19:00 | How to use a container-optimized operating system in ACK

Speaker : Jia Zhenghua (Xiao Jia), Alibaba Cloud operating system product expert, has long been engaged in Linux operating system related work, from Linux kernel research and development to operating system product development, from feature function design to product design, currently mainly responsible for Alibaba Cloud operating system Product and planning for the team.

Course introduction : Experts live online & answer questions, how to use the container-optimized operating system Alibaba Cloud Linux in ACK


The advanced training camp is open for a limited time, so hurry up and register!

As of July 27th, the original 500-person training camp is full. We will open for a limited time to increase the number of places. Quickly scan the QR code below or click to read the original text, and immediately follow the learning formation and become an advanced container service player!


[Interactive and polite] Ask if you don't understand, start by leaving a message in the comment area

Leave a message in the comment area at the bottom to share your training camp learning experience

Or ask questions encountered in learning

As of August 5th at 12:00

Like the top 3 friends, you will get a custom umbrella from the Alibaba Cloud container team

(The prizes will be distributed according to the ranking of comments and likes)


Hurry up and get involved~~

Click here to keep up with learning formations now!

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