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content source: On June 5, 2021, the 2021 China Developer Ecological Summit hosted by SegmentFault came to a successful conclusion. At the meeting, CNCF Ambassador Huarou delivered a speech on the topic "F2E to DB, growing operations around a variety of developers".

Sharing guests: flower meat, CNCF Ambassador

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Hi, everyone, my name is Huarou, and I feel very honored to have the opportunity to share some of my experiences or ideas in developer operations with you today.

I am actually a person who provides services for developers seriously. I have been doing it for more than eight years. I think I have not achieved any great achievements, but I must have done something right. So today I have this opportunity to be recognized. Let me talk about some of my eight years of experience and ideas in this field at a time. If I can bring you a little help, it will be very worthwhile.

My sharing session today is mainly divided into four parts:

The first part will introduce the experience, but due to some data security, some parts of the digital results will be hidden, but everyone must remember that these are still very good projects;

In the second paragraph, I will talk about the basic skills of developer operations;

The third paragraph is about the competitiveness of developers' operations;

The fourth paragraph is of course to sublimate today's theme.

First of all, I first learned about computers, and then I went to SegmentFault to do market operations. I was an early Hackathon organizer in China and countless Meetups. Because of this, I met a lot of developers, which is considered a stage of entry.

After that, I went to Alibaba Cloud, mainly doing Tech Insight, the technology summit of the Yunqi Conference, independently responsible for the implementation of the entire paid conference, and was the first to start the WorkShop format. Later, I did the product operation of Container Service and was responsible for the increase in the number of public beta users. After that, the Alibaba Cloud MVP community was launched. These projects still exist, and a complete team is in charge. This is a very lucky recognition.

In 2018, I went to Ant Group and officially entered the open source field. It happened to be the time when the native distributed architecture of SOFAStack was open sourced, and the continuous spread of the large-scale landing of ants through Service Mesh established the international influence of the ant group in the Mesh layer. Currently, I am responsible for the developer ecological operation in the enterprise-level distributed database OceanBase.

The above is my simple experience statement. There are many more things in it, and I will share it with you when I have time. I often ridicule myself that my technology stack is sinking more and more. From the front end to the public cloud to the middleware, and the current database, it has been sinking in technology. I will share this experience later. In fact, it gave me a lot of education and lessons.

When preparing the content, I kept wondering who is the audience today? The organizer told me that there are investment companies, some students who are engaged in developer operations, and some developers who do personal branding and personal influence. I guess there are headhunting (joking). Regarding the methodology, the excellent guests and everyone in the front have learned a lot in various public accounts and various books.

So what can I bring you differently?

So, I went to interview a few developers and operation classmates. This page of PPT is some of the main issues they mentioned:


I thought about the source of insecurity and uncertainty behind it. In most cases, it’s because developers operate this position. In general companies, they report to the marketing department or directly to the technical leader. The dilemma is that the marketing team thinks. How to explain ROI when you get sales leads through the developer community? Just in the technical team, you will feel that you are actually helping us synchronize articles, do activities, get back user feedback, and do execution. Some report to the HR department as an employer's technology brand in order to recruit better R&D students.

end, how does developer operation enhance the right to speak, and how to grow professionally? Developer operation is a relatively new profession. Just like product managers a few years ago, there are no courses and no systems. They are all over the river. Each company has its own value mechanism, allowing developers to operate the entire job market. Uneven.

I hope that my sharing today can be an inspiration for everyone to think about, and promote the construction of the entire value system of developer operations practitioners. I also hope that the following sharing can help you answer a little bit of doubts about developer operations.

Low-level logic (fundamental)

First of all, it is to do our bottom-level logic for developers to operate. Starting from this title, from F2E to DB, whether in front-end, middleware, or database, it is a completely different technical field. When contacting developers who are not the same, I think the underlying logic of doing things has not changed. , Is to insist on providing valuable things to help developers grow. First of all you need to know who you want to help. It is impossible for us to feed the baby M5 steak. You may think that you have made a very good thing, but he can't digest it. This is the object you haven't studied clearly. Failure to study clearly will cause some problems. What are the common apparent results? That is, no one reads the article and no one comes to the event. This may be a channel problem, it may be a content problem, these are some superficial feedback.

If your object positioning is not clear, even after reading a lot of methodologies, there may be problems in landing. A good analogy is that boiled turnips in soft water can harden eggs. The same method is used in the same environment, but the target is different, and the result is completely opposite.

I especially emphasize: Doing developer operations is actually the same as the underlying logic of the developer itself. It is an object-oriented thing. Therefore, before making all operational decisions and planning, you must clearly know what your target is. Who, this is what we usually talk about as a portrait? If there are many portraits, what is the highest priority portrait? What is the content of the operation, what is the behavior of the operation, and what is the occasion of the operation, these will be right.


Therefore, I put this emphasis on the top, and we must figure out your target. When specifically landing, if it is really difficult to find a suitable object at the beginning, for example, when I first moved from front-end to middleware, I found that I was facing people with completely different habits. I often joked that a database developer would talk. It's harder than letting a middleware developer speak. It's a completely different personality. That's how it feels. So I took the picture above. If you really find it difficult to cross the technology stack, you can actually find the solution from the right: What kind of developers are the internal technical team? It is the most accurate group of people. To understand in terms of contact: their context, the platforms they visit, and the communities they watch, you can first derive what the initial operating strategy is like. Moreover, the developer operation is actually a position most closely integrated with the internal technical team. The arrow at the bottom of the figure above expresses that we work with the internal team to fit the key business goals to screen what to produce, and then use the operation to control the technology. The process of translating a language into a language acceptable to the public.

To social understand the language, to developer’s translate it and put it on the appropriate occasions that we have selected, such as a database, it is impossible to go to a front-end conference. The PPT on this page means that put high-quality content on the right occasions and developer groups, express it correctly, express your tone, and attract similar people. detail later, what is tonality, that is, the whole temperament is from the design of the logo to the organization of the content, all the way to the organization of your activities. What I want to emphasize here is that many students have turned from the thinking of traffic operation or traditional operation, and they are especially superstitious about traffic data. I think we have to treat developers as people, not just traffic, not just data. , data is a reference is not the answer, the data can help you correct some behavior , do some MVP attempts, but it is not the answer, the user is not your data, not your traffic.

Basic skills of developer operations

Next, enter the second section shared today, that is, what are the basic skills of developer operations?


You can look at the pie I drew. In fact, I think that the things that developers do in the first year or two of operation are basically in this pie, or the things they do for a long time, in fact, they can't get away from this pie. There are many people who organize according to different composition logics, and it is all right, for example, from Awareness, Interest, Purchase, Loyalty, to pull a line in this way, and at what stage to do what kind of things. Let me make it simpler, The three stages of process I think are recognition, cognition, and identification. This feeling is that I slowly draw you closer. First know, and then know what kind of person I am. Later, I may agree with some ideas. I feel that getting along with people is very similar.

The pie on the right is a lot of details, and the implementation level. I think these basic skills will be more serious and careful. I have also brought a few colleagues who are developers and operators, they are very attentive and patient, and the typesetting also has a cleanliness. These are relatively good basic qualities.

first stage: awareness. is a common brand, such as what is the main KV, what is the name, what is Slogan, and what the logo is. This is actually quite interesting. In the process of repeatedly communicating the Logo with the brand designer, he would ask me what the keyword is, so what is the color, and what is the intentional graphic of the keyword, so through such a combination and color matching, he will show everyone the name Things that are aligned with Slogan's positioning are actually quite interesting. What I want to emphasize is that operation is actually a job that connects a lot of positions. If you want, you can learn a lot from students in various majors. example, in the process of brand building, there will be communication similar to the above with the designer; when I dig out keywords and a sentence to be presented with the technical team, I will talk to the communication colleagues about how to talk to the public story. This is the process of learning, and this is the part of cognition. For example, when you see a hook, the first reaction is Nike, just do it, which is probably what it means.

second stage is the cognitive stage. cognitive stage involves the content system. Content system, from different groups of people, different levels of ability to make corresponding content, to help him better understand products and technologies, to help him better use products and technologies, this also corresponds to the content system part on the right, which is more detailed Up.

final stage of identification. It is really beginning to achieve two-way interaction between the two sides, and the community is really alive. this time, there will be an emotional operation part and a deeper interaction. I can receive your feedback and help, and you really participate in the community. In fact, this feeling is very much like the "Sense of Participation" written by Xiaomi many years ago. Developers really participate in this project, become part of this project, become your own business, and recognition is such a process.

Corresponding to the social system on the right, it is done through activities, but how is it done? For a while, Growth Hacking was popular and talked about the AARRR model. I understand the core is: all links are effective. follows the sub-goals dismantled from the goal, bury points to observe key data, and explain the relationship with the growth of business data. This is part of some data analysis.

above, I have gone through the basic skills roughly, but is that enough?

I often ask my teammates whether you have done it or done it well. The second part of the basic skills is whether you have a corresponding sense of purpose. Do you know what is the result of doing this, and then ask yourself, have you really done it? What can developers do when they come, just call him, what do I want them to do, how to motivate them, and let them get value? I also get the business results that the enterprise needs. We have to keep asking ourselves to do meaningful operations, not to make trouble, because we are ultimately responsible for the company. In other words, the developer operation is to help the company and the developer achieve a win-win situation. Do not indulge in the pure activity of the developer community, nor blindly pursue commercial conversion, but find a virtuous cycle point to ensure Healthy continuous growth. By insisting on creating value in this way to get more input from the company, in fact, it is also helping developers to better obtain high-quality resources, so that they can grow better, which is not contradictory.

What I just talked about will be partial to basic skills. Don’t think that this thing is relatively low because it is called basic skills, or that the threshold of this thing is relatively low. I have seen very few people who can really do everything reliably. It’s sad to see "Pu" has become a vocabulary to praise professionals, and it should be a recognized quality. you have good basic skills, you can basically do better in this industry. You must firmly believe that you will be seen if you do things down-to-earth, and developers will cherish and see and agree. There are also many people who questioned me, saying that you are not just doing activities, doing well, but I just think that when I do it, I am better than others. Do you have such confidence? (Flag standing in disorder, in case it falls, everyone laughs lightly).

Competitiveness of developer operations

Just finished the basic skills, let’s talk about the competitiveness.

Qualified technical operations have basic skills, have the ability to talk to technical people, know what technical language is like, and can even use some metaphors to help everyone better understand professional and jerky things, and have a strong sense of purpose, not only Perseverance in doing things well.


What about excellent technical operations? I added attributions in front, solid basic operation skills, all details will be more sense than others, more sensitive, and the ability to coordinate with multiple positions. I think the higher level is emotional operation. something that I especially emphasize, and people who are in the community should cultivate. It just so happened that one of the questions I collected at the time was whether developer operations were more technical or operational? I have seen a lot of developers who turned to developer operations because he felt that he didn’t want to write code anymore. This was my retreat, but it didn’t take long to find out that they went back to write code because the operation is actually emotionally interactive, not 1 /0, true or false, it is actually a gray state, so I think that the developer's operation will also have high requirements for the ability of operation.

Emotional operation means that you can turn them all into people who trust you, and turn users into your fans. After becoming fans, this is me and you have become us. This is not my own business, it is us. This energy is very, very awe-inspiring, it is very big. On the other hand, if you treat developers as traffic, as I just mentioned, you will do things, whether you do it well or not insist on creating value, in my opinion, it is killing chickens. The real investment will be cherished by the developers.

Emotional operation is also more costly for ourselves, so we have to find developers who can become our own people and move forward together.


How do you do it? I listed four methods, which is to operate the top 20% of the core users 80% of the time. This is the same as recruiting. Hiring one person at a high price is more efficient than hiring several people at a low price. It is the same logic. Use 80% of the time and investment to operate 20% of the core users, and then use them to attract and convert similar people, such as setting benchmarks and doing a good job in the tone of the group. What kind of people will meet the 20% we say % The requirements of core users, what great things they have done with us, this is one of the logic of my being Alibaba Cloud MVP at the time.

The second one is to encourage others to gain more material, reputation, and industry recognition, even more than the recognition they paid. This is called buying horse bones with money. It makes everyone feel that I am really proud of this cause, and I have indeed gained growth and recognition. In fact, it is a logic that grasps both spiritual and material.

The third is to create content, what kind of content will attract what kind of people, you can also snowball with these 20% of core users to contribute to the community's content, to attract and convert more people with content.

Fourth, focus the effective attention on traffic and crowds in your community, and continue to create value. Everyone runs the community by , wired online and offline connections, and the gameplay is very diverse, so that he can stay 160e526c8c8fa3 all the time. in your paradise, this is the process of turning him from a user into a fan. In fact, there are methods to follow in the previous rules, but this is more mysterious. I will also see that there are a lot of things that do better, and there may indeed be some problems, but they can be corrected together and tolerated together. Let me give a very small example. Once I did a SOFA Meetup in Guangzhou, which was an all-day event. Because of the typhoon, only one of my staff arrived in Guangzhou, and no one else arrived. What is the specific situation of the event: The lecturers in the morning are in Guangzhou, but there are no staff. In the afternoon, the lecturers are not even present. Difficulties encountered: There was no staff for sign-in, venue preparation, etc., but I was very touched. The first classmates who arrived at the meeting helped to complete the whole event together. This is really the process from me to us. A lot of things don’t need to be done to the utmost perfection. If you agree that this is a common thing, you will feel that you are more sincere and sincere is the most moving thing. I don't know if I have conveyed it clearly, this is what I want to emphasize on this page.

Next, let’s talk about the second paragraph of competitiveness: "Link the dots", the innovative part I mentioned. Why do I think developer operations are particularly fun? First of all, the matter of technology is relatively sensible, and operation is relatively perceptual. This is a profession in which left-brain and right-brain coexist. With the development of the Internet, everyone's reading habits and communication modes change, and the way of operation needs to be constantly innovated, and continue to conform to the current popular communication methods to learn. This is to ensure the vitality of our career. Did you know that something with vitality will never grow old.

Only if you have fun and can play, will you continue to innovate. Let me give a very small example, or ask a question: paper + short video + World of Warcraft =?


I came to OceanBase in September. When I was studying the database, I found that it was all paper materials. What should I do? I'm dumbfounded, and I feel: It's amazing, but I can't eat it. I found that the short video format, five minutes of scattered time, can make some not so deep knowledge in five minutes. Is it possible to combine and play together?

try , I opened a video account, I thought [OB small talk] the name took about two seconds, I want to talk, just like this [OB small talk] It has become a more important way of communication for us now, which is quite coincidental. Every time we reposted likes and reads were pretty good, we are still constantly innovating and optimizing, and we are happier to find that this kind of cooperation with the technical team can stimulate each other's energy. knowledge + popular form of operation, what does it mean? This is a very vital part of this post.

We will adapt to some technical points, and then narrate or gamify, and stuff some common scenes that everyone knows into it. We call it a script. This is also our own research and development classmate. Of course, there are some discussions about this, such as why you choose a video account instead of Douyin Kuaishou, how to grow, and the relationship between business goals and so on. If you are interested, you can talk in detail offline. This is not as simple as it sounds, but innovation is always interesting.

You may feel that the content just now is a bit vacant, but I hope you remember these words, whether you understand it or not, you may feel that in the future, developer operations connect enterprises and developers, developers are the energy of developer operations, so I especially want to see the state where developer operations and developers are complementary.


For more than eight years I have experienced being held in the air, and also experienced particularly low tides, and lows, ups and downs, which reminded me of some things, some warnings and reminders, 160e526c8c9171 When the tide fades, you are Isn't you swimming naked, or the reason behind your results is your muscle, or just the clothes you wear?

If you are in a startup company, you can think about it, especially in this year or the next few years, the developer market will be a better outlet. Under such a boom, the classmates in the startup company, you The reason for doing a good job and gaining some recognition and opportunities is whether it is brought about by the market wind or because of your own strength. In a large company, you can think about whether it is the brand effect that the platform brand gives you, the platform capability gives you, or your own thing.

It’s great to take advantage of the situation to do things, and to use strength to work hard, but always remind yourself to correct the evaluation criteria, stay sober when you are good, and have a correct evaluation of yourself when you are at a low point. Don’t be ignorant of yourself and you will know more clearly. To help ourselves, how to maintain a growing state, this is that we must have a clear understanding of ourselves.

High-key work and low-key life, to help more people, I am nothing great, but today I really want to use my power to let more developers see the value of operation. I especially hope to encourage more developers to operate, because our current situation is indeed not very good, but I especially want to encourage everyone, developers are the energy for developers to operate, we must insist on creating value for them, and we must To attach importance to continuous cross-border learning, you have to believe in something and stick to it.

As I said at the beginning, I didn't do great things, but I definitely did some things well. I just insisted on doing this for eight years, and I got a lot of recognition and a lot of care. Many developers say that I trust the things that Huarou makes. If you say what projects you will be responsible for next, I will learn what they are. These are the trust accumulated over a long period of time. They are very beautiful things, I said. It's a bit moved. In short, I especially want you to know this, and I want to encourage you.


Finally, to sum up, in my opinion, operation is the process of turning you and me into ours. If the ideal of a developer is to make something people want, I think the ideal of a developer to operate is to make something developers want.

What I'm talking about today is part of my thinking. I especially look forward to communicating with you more and how do developers with different experiences think about these things. I don’t think I am a sharer today, but rather a level of intrigue.

Good luck to everyone, and good luck to yourself!

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