Interview with Guo Xue, Institute of Cloud Technology, Information and Communication Institute: What kind of experience is it like to open source in a public institution?



Interviewer : Zhu Yadi, Head of Content Operations, SegmentFault
Interviewee : Guo Xue, Deputy Director, Cloud Computing Department, Institute of

When it comes to "Xintongyuan", a sense of mystery emerges spontaneously. Institutions? Research institutes? Before talking to Guo Xue in detail this time, I also know a little bit about it. What kind of experience is it to open source in a public institution? What is the position of the Institute of Information and Communications Technology in the open source industry? The "14th Five-Year Plan" will push open source to the spotlight. Is open source a "popular overnight"?

The OSCAR 2021 as a representative of the open source industry conference organizers, Kuo, deputy director of the Academy of ICT big cloud the cloud computing unit interview before the meeting, opened for us this layer of mystery.

I am doing open source in a public institution, driven by a sense of national mission

In all my work, whether it is standardization or policy support, I hope that this industry and industry will get better and better, and the "sense of national mission" will affect me.
—— Guo Xue

"China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as "China Academy of Information and Communications Technology") was founded in 1957 and is a scientific research institution directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. What kind of existence does the public institution exist in your impression? From 9 to 5, drink tea and read the newspaper?

Guo Xue’s answer is very different from our guess." We define ourselves as an Internet company in a public institution. The pace of work is fast and the team is very young. All my work, whether it is standardization or policy support, is I hope that this industry and industry will get better and better, and the'sense of national mission' will affect me." When she said this, Guo Xue felt full of conviction.

As a neutral platform, from the perspective of a third party. In terms of work content, Guo Xue’s daily work is mainly concentrated in several areas-industrial research, centering on open source and new technology directions, researching industry development trends, and forming industry reports; government think tanks, providing support for government policy documents; standard formulation, targeting Standardization in areas that require consensus; testing and evaluation, compliance testing based on standards; industry platforms, promoting cooperation and interoperability within the industry.

uses a common and standardized way to promote the development of the industry. helps enterprises in the industry chain to develop rapidly through standard formulation. Taking open source as an example, the Academy of Information and Communications Technology has established open source software governance maturity standards, which abstracts the use and management of open source software into a set of general methodology to help companies use this set of standards internally to manage the use of open source software and avoid risks. At the same time, at the 2021 OSCAR Open Source Industry Conference, the Academy of Information and Communications Technology also plans to release the "Open Source Ecological White Paper" to give a full picture of the global and my country's open source ecology and development trends-this is Guo Xue's daily work output.

Working in the "national team", Guo Xue is also active in major private communities and activities-open source book sharing group, open source society China open source annual meeting... She embraces the community and feels that communication is very important, "I am working A very important part is chat", understands the company’s pain points and solves practical problems through sincere communication.


serious and has enthusiasm . When it comes to his work status, Guo Xue said, "Be sincere and enthusiastic about people, and be rigorous and serious about work. I will still point out the mistakes in my work seriously and take it seriously."

Advice for companies: Don’t blindly open source

Open source is not "overnight popularity", it has witnessed the prosperity of local open source step by step

In March 2021, the full text of the "14th Five-Year Plan" was released, and open source was included in it for the first time. Guo Xue once explained the trend of open source in the video account "Yun Da Shuo" of Yunda Institute.

Kuo introduced us to, from the policy level, in fact as early as 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission once mentioned in the notification "Thirteen Five" national information technology planning in the "Leading enterprises and research institutions to promote the establishment of open source technology R & D team ” . In 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Central Cyberspace Administration of China jointly issued the "Implementation Plan on Promoting the "Use of Data and Intelligence" to Cultivate the Development of New Economy", which also mentioned the support for the open source community. It can be seen that the national level has always encouraged open source innovation and development.

Since 2014, Guo Xue has gone from studying the open source technology of cloud computing to studying the entire open source industry. Due to her work, she has witnessed the changes and prosperity of the industry. Guo Xue clearly felt that when we started open source in 2014, 2015, and 2016, everyone was obviously more focused on open source technology itself. Few people talked about topics other than technology, which is a very niche field. past two years, the broad sense of open source has begun to flourish , and people often talk about ecological methodology, open source economics, open source operations, governance, open source communities, and so on.

But open source is not a new business, it is not "popular night," as early as the 1990s, a lot of people began to study open source, they are "the first generation of open source," while we are the third generation.

(Reference reading: FOSS history in retrospec: 3 generation open source coders and users)

Enterprises do open source, keep 3 points in mind

The local open source craze and the good policies have also made Guo Xue a new worry-many companies blindly open source without fully thinking about the relationship between open source and their company's business, which is very undesirable.

In Guo Xue's view, it is impossible for a company to start open source entirely from hobbies. Whether it is building an open source ecosystem or participating in an open source community, it must have its own closed-loop logic. Therefore, the , before starting open source, companies must think about their position in the industry chain (supply side/use side), 's motivation and goals for open source (e.g., supply-side companies want to obtain business opportunities conversion, use Side enterprises in order to meet business scenarios). Guo Xue specifically mentioned that "it is not shameful to do open source, and it is not shameful to make money." It is important to think clearly about the logic, channels, and chains of money making, and to clarify the input and output. If you don't forget your original intention, you will not lose your way in the development of open source. .

Second, doing open source requires top-down power in the enterprise . Bottom-up open source is difficult to be unified with the company's strategy and business strategy, and there will be certain resistance.

third point of 161615a1f8a6c8 is closely related to the work of Guo Xue's Institute of although open source is good, there are certain risks 161615a1f8a6cb, from intellectual property to security...Enterprises should pay special attention to it and implement methodological governance to avoid risks. At the 2021 OSCAR Open Source Industry Conference, an "Open Source Risk Management" forum was also specially set up.

More open OSCAR, 917 (will be together) to open source

The 2021 OSCAR Open Source Industry Conference is now the fifth. Guo Xue admits that the preparations for this year’s conference "spent a lot of thought", and she spoiled three highlights for open source enthusiasts to look forward to-

In the past few years, OSCAR focused more on open source technology and cloud computing open source, but this year is not limited to technical research, but for the first time the entire open source industry , open source methodology, industrial ecology, governance, culture, etc., through the conference You can also get a glimpse of the sub-forum settings-open source governance, open source community governance and operation, open source risk management, cloud native open source, open source culture & open source business, and the content is very rich.

At the same time, the OSCAR conference is also the centralized output of various open source research and standards of the Institute of Information and . 161615a1f8a741 various white papers and the latest standards related to open source in this year will be released at the conference.

Another highlight of this year’s conference is that joined up with more partners-SegmentFault, Open Source, Open Source, Openchain, etc. , we try to "use open source" to hold the meeting, a richer number of partners It will also bring a more open temperament and more innovative and diverse content to the conference.

Due to the epidemic, the offline scale of this conference is not large, and the qualifications for participating in the conference need to be reviewed after registration. However, even so, Guo Xue is still worried about the development of the epidemic in the next half month. However, a friend in the community comforted her very much. That friend (ID: Zhi Qiang) told her "As long as you do Open source, we are the community, you have done so much, we must support OSCAR and work hard to run this event well." It is said that ALC Beijing also plans to organize a group to come. This once again made Guo Xue feel the power of the community. By means of open source, everyone will add a fire, and the flame will be burning. Therefore, in her opinion, this is not completely. The work in the courtyard, her personal project, is an offline gathering of all open source people .

917, homophonic: Let’s be together, choose to host OSCAR on such a day. Guo Xue said that it was inspired by SegmentFault’s interesting interpretation of this date by CEO Gao Yang, “We must do open source together” trusted open source, building a win-win situation , We are waiting for you to come !

Interview Notes: Be Your Own Open Source Hero
Before the interview, other colleagues in the content team and I tried to search for information related to Guo Xue on the search engine to prepare for this interview. However, most of them are official news reports and speech records. We can't help but guess, such a person What kind of person the "deputy director of a public institution" should be, I can't help but feel a little nervous.
However, after the interview started, I finally let go of my hanging heart. As Guo Xue said in the interview, her communication with people is very sincere and there is no pretension at all. She smiled and introduced us to her hobbies as a student. She likes to make handicrafts, make her own headwear, likes to dance Latin dance, and she persisted for a while after get off work. Like everyone of us, she will play drama after work and enjoy it after work. A moment of slow life... Talking about the feelings of the country and the comfort of her friends, she almost shed tears. We felt her sincere love, not an "official spokesperson" but a living, full-blooded young lady. .
In the , we interviewed Mr. Jiansheng , the founder of Open Source Way, 161615a1f8a9cf. He not only introduced his open source road, but also talked about many issues related to the original intention, which are often overlooked in media interviews. In our opinion, this is the true value of character interviews, not only focusing on his achievements but also returning to the person himself, digging out the plump character image, and showing his/her side that he/she has never used to show others.
Open source heroes are also ordinary people, and each of us can become our own open source hero.
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