Rakuten Interview FAQ


In software development process what is the meaning of debugging?

How can you make sure that your code is both safe and fast?

Name two tools which are used for keeping track of software requirements?

Describe the architecture of your current project and how deployment is configured?

Diff between abstract and interface

Java program find the intersection of two rectangles



What do you think makes a good HTTP API?

What is you experience with conterization?

Inversion of Control

Version Control Tool

  • SVN
  • Git

Design Patterns

should tell interviewer to strong motivation of application


  • make an sorted array which have numbers which are only made of prime numbers 2 & 3 ie 1,2,3,6,8,9,12..and print nth number(n<200)
  • A Ugly number is a positive number whose prime factors are 2 and 3. It is represented as 2^p*3^q where p>=0 and 1>=0. first ugly number is 1. given an integer n, return the nth ugly number.
  • given position array, find number of time interval in which velocity is same(time interval selected should atleast be of 2 second obviously)
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