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Beijing smart contract

This time You get to write your own ERC721 smart contract and issue and one of the world ERC721 token! Yay!

这次你可以学会发一个自己的 ERC721合约和独一无二 ERC721的token!✌!

If you l find blockchain too difficult to learn and use, you are missing out something revolutionary! Here’s a meet-up to give a feel for building smart contracts with it. You will learn about the tools, wallets, and basics of programming your first smart contract with Solidity. It’s also a great chance to network with like-minded people. Tiny prior knowledge on blockchain development is needed! 如果您想学习区块链但是迷失于各种资料难以入门,那不要错过我们的智能合约小组的系列活动!我们将带领大家一起 从0到1, 1到100,学习区块链以及智能合约,开发Dapp以及讨论未来可能落地的去中心化应用和blockchain点子。无需区块链开发经验~在此期间,还可以和其他区块链开发爱好者交流心得,共同学习提升~

Please bring your laptop and register an account on github for this meetup.


Entrance time:2:15 pm

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  1. Solidity basics 智能合约快速入门
  1. Remix/truffle IDE as the usually dev tools 智能合约开发工具介绍
  1. What is a Crypto Wallet 加密货币钱包入门
  1. Use docker to set tup a blockchain node 10分钟学会用docker跑区块链测试网
  1. Write and deploy a ERC721 contract: fun and useful 写出有趣且实用的 ERC721合约

Engineer Bio 分享人介绍:


Shenzhun is a sofware engineer and open source contributor. He is a leading contributor to the open source CyberMiles blockchain, as well as other leading blockchain projects. He has 5 years of experience with architecting complex backend systems, machine learning and distributed computing. Shenzhun is an expert in solidity and lity programming.



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