2019 JavaScript 中国开发者大会 | JSConf China 2019
开始时间: 2019-10-19 09:00
结束时间: 2019-10-20 18:00
举办地点: 上海市江湾城路99号尚浦中心2号楼刘翔中心

好消息!中国开源年会与 JSConf China 强强联合,以更实惠的价格推出联票。一张票即可参加 2019 中国开源年会JSConf China 2019 两场大会,并享有与正价门票完全相同的权益。

Good news everyone! China Open Source Conference (COSCon) and JSConf China have just launched a joined-ticket together with an even better price. You can participate in both the COSCon 2019 and JSConf China 2019 with one ticket and enjoy the same rights as the regular-priced tickets.


开源年会 和 JSConfChina 之间有着很强的互补性,开源年会注重开源文化和社区建设,JSConfChina 则更多探讨技术。此次联手,既是为大家谋福利,更是为了社区的融合以及将来的共同发展打下基础。

There is a strong complementarity between the COSCon and JSConfChina. The COSCon focuses on open source culture and community building, while JSConfChina more dives into technology. This joint effort is not only beneficial to the audience, but also for the integration of the community and the development of a common future.

JavaScript中国开发者大会(JSConf China)是一个以 JavaScript 和 Web 技术为核心的非盈利国际技术大会。JSConf China 的宗旨是促进本土社区与国际接轨,开拓视野,历届保持着三分之一以上的外籍讲师,并着重开展圆桌讨论等交流活动。

The JavaScript China Developers Conference (JSConf China) is a non-profit international technology conference focused on JavaScript and Web technologies. Our main mission is to build connections and broaden horizons between local and international communities. We have maintained more than one-third of foreign lecturers and have been emphasizing communication such as panel discussions.

本届 JSConf China 将于10月19-20日在上海市江湾城路99号尚浦中心2号楼刘翔中心举办。讲师阵容强大,来自Nike、Microsoft、Google、Tencent、Alibaba等知名科技公司;演讲内容丰富,从前端到后端、从语言特性到工具应用等多个角度和层面;两场免费工作坊,手把手指导你从零开始完成一件作品。此外现场更有丰富的交流和互动环节,如圆桌讨论会、互动招聘、after-party 等等……

JSConf China 2019 will be held from October 19th to 20th at the Liu Xiang Center, Building 2, 99 Jiangwancheng Road, Shanghai. The lecturer has a strong lineup from well-known technology companies such as Nike, Microsoft, Google, Tencent, and Alibaba. The presentations are rich in content, from front-end to back-end, from language features to applications and tools, and so on. Two free workshops will guide you through the process of getting started and completing the work. In addition, there will be many communication activities, such as group discussions, interactive recruitment, after-party, and a lot more.


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主持人 / 嘉宾

  • Courtney Kissler
    Courtney Kissler

    Vice President, Global Technology @Nike - 嘉宾

  • Yunong Xiao
    Yunong Xiao

    General Manager @Tencent Cloud - 嘉宾

  • 韩骏

    研发工程师 @Microsoft - 嘉宾

  • Kamil Mysliwiec
    Kamil Mysliwiec

    Creator of NestJS - 嘉宾

  • 张开宇

    Founder @AI Circle - 嘉宾

  • 陈仲寅

    前端技术专家 @Taobao - 嘉宾

  • 陈浩

    Senior Software Engineer @Flexport - 嘉宾

  • Michael Solati
    Michael Solati

    Developer Advocate @Typeform - 嘉宾

  • 林长青

    高级前端工程师 @RingCentral - 嘉宾

  • Simon Blanchard
    Simon Blanchard

    CTO @Seedlink - 嘉宾

  • 陈熙旻

    研发工程师 @Rokid - 嘉宾

  • Olivia Zhang
    Olivia Zhang

    Frontend Engineer @ZenHub - 嘉宾

  • Ryan Day
    Ryan Day

    Software Engineer @Google - 嘉宾

  • Wei Gao
    Wei Gao

    Senior Developer @Shopee - 嘉宾

  • 马申彦

    前端开发工程师@Douban - 嘉宾

  • Samantha Christoff
    Samantha Christoff

    Lead Engineer @Nike - 嘉宾

  • 汤詠竣

    Senior Web Developer @Singapore Press Holdings Limited - 嘉宾

  • 王麟

    Frontend Engineer @WeWork - 嘉宾

  • 季国飞

    Engineering Manager @WeWork - 嘉宾