The list of winners of the recruitment season essay competition has been announced, come and receive the award~



Hello fellow community members! The 2022 recruitment season has a prize-winning essay competition as scheduled~

Without further ado, let's go straight to the announcement of the winners~

🌟 获奖名单

  1. Jiang Chen: 5 years of experience (upgraded from college) to join station B to share
  2. Fan Wenjie: Speeding up Offers: How to Write a Bright Resume
  3. Yang Chenggong: How does a small factory front-end leader screen candidates?
  4. Programmer Navy: 2022 Recruitment Season | Interviewed for a month, what did I experience
  5. Brother Fu: [Escaped layoffs and successfully landed] If you find that there are bad signs in a small company, hurry up and learn!
  6. linong: 2022 recruitment season | How to prepare for interview? What questions do interviewers usually ask? | web front end
  7. Shantou Hanbo: From Redux, to handwriting, to state management
  8. Meathill: 2022 Recruitment Season | Understanding Job Search from the Recruiter's Perspective
  9. wscats: 2022 recruitment season | How to write a good front-end interview resume?
  10. Three Shopkeepers: Interview Week Series
  11. Qixi is learning Java: resume preparation and interview skills, everything you should know
  12. chokcoco: An interesting CSS interview question, FizzBu​​zz ~
  13. _usw: pseudo-experience; interview experience of an incompetent interviewer
  14. Xiaobai who can't write code: the growth history of a girl in a plaid shirt - interview
  15. leexiaoran: [Interview Series 1] How to answer how to understand rearrangement and repainting
  16. xiangzhihong: Android Handler interview summary
  17. Why Technology: When an interviewer asks you this question, what does he want to hear?
  18. Shen Chen: Whether it's a frog jumping up the stairs or who climbs the stairs, you can go up
  19. Writing and Watching Ink Blossoms: Sharing of Work Experience at ONES
  20. Xiaoqi Java Interview: Interviewer: What are the methods of Redis cluster, and what is the principle of leader election?
  21. Aries Shenge: School Recruitment and Internal Promotion: Skills of Soft Power
  22. Big Pineapple: Interviewed ByteDance and Ali, they both asked this K8S question
  23. ljiran: High-frequency interview questions - explain how Spring solves circular dependencies?
  24. One of the cosmic grains: 2022 recruitment season | How to make the preparation of school recruitment projects a little taller
  25. wangyq_sure: Analysis of Kafka interview questions
  26. yangyangyang: [Gold Three Silver Four] Js Interview FAQ Summary
  27. Yuanmo: The latest Dachang data lake interview questions, summary of knowledge points
  28. Java Finance: Ali three sides: Can Java's synchronized prevent instruction reordering?
  29. Xia Xia is a cat: Meituan 's Android post failed 3 times, and this time it finally succeeded!
  30. McQueen: My Interview Experience
  31. Su Yihun: Detailed Explanation of Redis Data Structure (4) - Data Structure for Saving Memory (Compressed List ziplist)
  32. lsqingfeng: I don't know microservices , and I don't know how to interview in distributed distribution (20-day interview experience sharing, not a big factory)
  33. Programmer Tian: How to stand out in a vote of interviewees
  34. JerryWang_Wang Zixi: In the programmer's written test and interview process, what are the deductions and bonuses in the eyes of the interviewer?
  35. Dark Star Surges: [Interview Skills] How to face a leaderless group interview
  36. Satsuki: How to Write a Good Resume
Special Note: Articles participating in the election are sorted from high to low according to comprehensive data such as content dry goods, reading, likes, comments, collections, etc.;
If multiple articles are included at the same time, the one with the highest comprehensive data will be selected to participate in the final award.

💝 奖品概览

  1. Top 15 comprehensive data (according to the above order): get a technical book (random);
  2. The rest of the winning articles: Sifu cat figure / Sifu cultural shirt (random).

Thanks to the enterprise-level R&D management tool ONES , established by the founding team members of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper, SteamNative, which is committed to building a cloud-native batch-stream fusion data platform, for its strong support for this event.

🎁 如何领取奖品

Please fill in the receipt information to the following form before May 5, 2022 :
If it is overdue, it will be regarded as an automatic waiver~

PS: If the courier cannot be received in the epidemic area, the delivery time will be appropriately delayed~

If you have any questions, you can add Ms. WeChat~


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